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Can't get help from Customer Service - Refund on returned item

I can't get help with this problem so I made an account to see if I can actually get someone to assist. I've chatted agents several times and called twice regarding a return and I keep getting the runaround and new timelines each interaction. 


I purchased an item in November and found it to be completely unusable. I chatted an agent to inquire about return and he said it was OK to return the item and I could drop it off at the store or he'd send a return label. I figured that'd be the easier route but boy was I wrong. The package was recevied at the return facilty on 12/8 (holiday shipping times I get it). I figured it would take a bit to process around the holidays and I think was told 10 days originally, but we're almost a month after receipt and still no confirmation and still no refund. I chatted last week asking status just to see if there was any confirmation it was at least received as my orders page still didn't show anything regarding a return.  I was told yeah, it was received and give it just a bit longer. I chatted again today and was told we see the delivery confirmation but no return received you need to call the phone help because chat couldn't do anything.


I called and finally got someone 40 mins later only to be put "on hold" for another 30 mins while they looked into it. I wasn't actually on hold, they just set the headset down so I heard them talking about being able to go home in an hour then chit chatting only to finally appear to start working on my issue and asking help from someone. I couldn't fully tell as it wasn't in English, no offense the dude was super nice and his singing was great Smiley Very Happy BUT then all he told me was well it takes a full billing cycle you'll get the return on the 8th of this month. I explained that wasn't the actual card billing cycle that's just the date it was received and did he at least see it returned because the only reason I called was the chat agent told me they didn't see the return only delivery confirmation. He had no answer and reiterated well you should have it on the 8th if not just call back and that sometimes the bank holds the money and it needs to be cleared by Best Buy. I expalined I didn't use a debit card so that also doesn't make sense. He then gave another canned answer that I'll get my refund on the 8th. 


At this point I'm extremely frustrated and have zero confidence what I was told is even remotely true. I'm normally very patient and worked in call centers, I get it, but he basically put me on hold for 30 mins and gave me NO answer to the original issue which led to my call and had no resolution or even a confident next steps. I also get with the holiday's return centers are probably slammed, but now I have no clue if my return was lost after delivery at the center. 


I'm hoping someone here can assist me and finally get me some answers and hopefully my money and reward certs back. 

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Re: Can't get help from Customer Service - Refund on returned item

Thank you for reaching out regarding your refund!  I would be happy to take a closer look and see what I can find out.  Would you mind sending me a private message with your full name, email address, and phone number?



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