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Can't Cancel an order

I placed an order last night and in the cold light of day I realize that I don't need the item in question. The cancel order button is still on the page but every time I press it and choose a reason it gives me the error message "Sorry, something went wrong, please try again later. [006]"


Ive waited several hours and changed devices that i was browsing on, no change. Everytime I call into the support line the wait time gets longer and I did not hear back from the "call back option" in the timeframe it gave me for a call back (4 1/2 Hours) 


I do not want that item shipped and myself to be out several hundred dollars while I return the item. Especially since i cant go to a store to return it. 


Can anyone help me on this?

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Re: Can't Cancel an order

Good afternoon, MNSW,


Welcome to our forums!  I apologize for the delay in our response to your post, as we’ve been experiencing a bit of a backlog on our Support Forums over the past few days, and it’s causing us to reply to our customers a bit later than we’d typically expect.  I realize it’s been a few days since you’ve posted your question, but in case you happen to run into this issue again in the future, I’ll be happy to explain why you might be having trouble getting your order to cancel.


Once your order is placed, we’ll generally have a 30-minute window in which we’re able to modify or cancel the order before it begins the shipping process.  With that said, once this window has closed, we’ll generally be unable to cancel the order.  This is outlined in our Cancel Your Order Help Center article. 


If your order has already shipped, you may be able to work with the carrier to request it be rerouted back to us, or refuse delivery if they attempt to collect your signature at the time of delivery, so it can be sent back to us.  Alternatively, you can utilize the options in our Return & Exchange Promise to return your order to us by mail, or your local Best Buy store, if available.


I hope this helps, but if you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to visit our Support Forums again.



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