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Best Buy has given me the WORST customer service EVER. I could never imagine treating someone this way over a period of DAYS with no resolution... like I do not spend THOUSANDS of dollars there a year here. Wow... JUST WOW. I paid for my product and they can't give it to me. Pure MADNESS. My order number is {removed per forum guidelines}. So many times I called and chatted online and got NO HELP with my order that I was told was supposed to start at 12 am est. That didn't happen it was around 2:15 am. I finally got it and couldn't have it shipped to my house, no big deal. So I was supposed yo pick it up from the store in North Fayette PA near me. I Wake up the next day and it's in NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA. I have called and chatted 4  times and no one can have my TV I paid for shipped to me or to the store I orignally asked for it to be picked up at said location. I have spent THOUSANDS just this year and for them to NOT send my TV or at least get me a deal close to the one I paid for is CRAZY. I'm not even asking for anything crazy. I hate to even be this person but the last manager said there was nothing he can do and this CANNOT be true. I just want the deal I paid for after the 5 PLUS hours I have spent being sent from chat to phone, phone to chat, and chat back to phone. This includes the NON call back that I was told I would receive on Saturday around 3pm after the supervisor came back from lunch. I NEED resolution! Please CALL ({removed per forum guidelines}) me or Email me.
Dr. Marcus {removed per forum guidelines}