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Broken TV delivered - despite Geek Squad Coverage - BEST BUY and LG aren't taking ownership

I bought an LG 86" TV online - during Covid.   TV arrived way quicker than expected. Delivered in a pristine box to my house end of April.


I just FINISHED building the room  2 weeks ago....mounted the TV which has no physical damages AT all.  Unpacking that box is part of the experience!  its massive and you can't just open to plug in.  The packaging was huge....and essentially breaks itself down when you open.


Turned TV on and there is a broken cell top right of screen....looks like a massive pressed flower.


I called Best Buy next morning.....customer service.  under a minute - they told me since it was past 30 days to open the box - its a manufacturing issue....and they weren't responisible.  (it was barely 60 days to the day i opened it).   They put me over to LG.  LG told he to send a photo - and immediately said its Best Buys fault - only could have happened in shipping.   I argued - I got a customer experirece rep - who proceeded to say the same - that its Best Buys shippping method and i should have opened the box right away and tried it.   THIS is a piece of furnature - and again wouldn't see any damage until it was on.   The put me through to a local rep  who also asked for a photo - instead of coming out to my house... he said the same and then trashed Best Buy - and told me "he heard if I go and make a scene at my local Best Buy"  they may help..."threaten to throw the TV through their window".....he also told me if i wanted to "fix it " it would cost me $1500 on a $2300 TV that i JUST started to pay off on my BB card!?? 



Called Best Buy back - got a great campus staffer (name Shakir) who I told the whole story including LG's comments....he assured me my Geek Squad would cover, confirmed with a boss and and confirmed my Geek Squad coverage....actually stayed on as we booked the Geek Squad visiti July 6th.   And said - "If they can't fix - BB will replace" NO concerns .


July 6th comes and GS calles from the road to say 10 mins out...and asks what they are coming to see.

He IMMEDIATELY in the car - on the phone says "who told you we would cover that?"  "You better have a name and a number"  Corporate does this all the time!   WE don't cover it - and you shoudl have opened it right away!!!!


I asked if if he was really going to argue with me before even getting to my house.....


They came - took pictures and handed me an "AGENT CHECKLIST" pre-filled out....and just said to call his boss...they cant fix ....


I called the boss...he said the same thing about corporate...they always do that!  And i needed to get the campus member to "EMAIL HIM DIRECT" that BB said ok and he would have a new TV brought out.  He confirmed the Campus member existed - but refused to reach out to him...said I would have to call and find him.


Needless to say I have had to call, be put on hold, called back 4 times since that day.....everytime someone new....retell the story and get put through to another person and retell the story again.... STILLL NO RESOLVE.


I am sick to my stomach over this.   I have been a great customer for years,,,,have the card....bought the protection and I am stuck with a BRAND new massive headache that i have to pay off.....and NO one can help!??  


I have everyones names, I know the calls '"were recorded" and will continue to share this until someone can get me in touch with someone who can help me.  No more phone callls.   I have a very detailed email, with dates, times and names and phone numbers for both Best Buy and the LG staff that were so enlightening.


Can someone please contact me with the best route to get some help.


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Re: Broken TV delivered - despite Geek Squad Coverage - BEST BUY and LG aren't taking ownership

Hello, Chrisjwalch!


Thanks for reaching out to us here on the Best Buy Forums. I have personally been watching my TV more often than I care to admit lately, and I can understand being eager to use yours. I am happy to look into this further!


To start, please send a private message with your full name, phone number, and email address, along with the order number for the TV (if you have it). You should be able to do this by clicking the blue button near my signature. 



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