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Bought a brand new MacBook Pro and got a refurbished one instead

Just as my title says. I paid $3050 for a brand new MacBook Pro 13” and I received one with scratches all over the top lid, the apple box had scratches all over, water stains on the side, the inside of the box was filled with dents, scratches and more water splash marks. <br><br>This is absolutely mind blowing after paying $3000 <br><br>I called bestbuy customer service. They offered to email us a return label and told us to print it out and send the computer back. <br><br>So my girlfriend and I took the TTC (public transit) to 2 different purolator shops that were located inside staples. They told us during Covid and lockdown we cannot print any labels out and that we would have to wait until the lockdown was over. <br><br>We also went to Canada post and called a number of stores that provide printing services and were met with the same message that we have to wait until lockdown was over to access printing services. <br><br>So we called best buy customer service back and the guy literally told me it wasn’t their problem and that I have to wait to print out the labels when stores open........... I reminded him that the laptop was $3000 and was needed for work and that we have to make the payments on the credit card (we used our credit card to buy the laptop) and he continued to say in exact words “it is not best buys problem” <br><br>How can it not be best buys problem? We paid for a BRAND NEW MacBook. Not a MacBook that was refurbished with scratches all over the lid, in the apple box and water stains everywhere. This is terrible customer support and the problems were experiencing should not happen with 3 THOUSAND DOLLAR computers. I’m repulsed. <br><br>I have to make payments on the card and I don’t see how I will get refunded it’s just a whole mess that will have to be dealt with the credit card company and potentially waiting over a month to get this return going because of lockdowns. <br><br>Can anyone at Best Buy fix this issue please because it is a major screw up.
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Re: Bought a brand new MacBook Pro and got a refurbished one instead

Also I would like to add opening the MacBook did not have the film paper over the screen and there was stains close to the track pad. I’m extremely annoyed right now.

Can someone at Best Buy please give me better support then the people on the support line.

I can’t believe the guy told me “it is not bestbuys problem”

So whose problem is it? I asked him and he remained silent on the phone. I’m perplexed right now.

Worst customer service I’ve EVER dealt with basically pinning the blame on me saying there isn’t anything he can do and that I have to wait.

Why would I need to wait over bestbuys major screw up over a 3 thousand dollar laptop. 😐

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Re: Bought a brand new MacBook Pro and got a refurbished one instead

Welcome to our community, Harjoth56.


Getting a new computer ought to be fun and exciting and not fraught with the difficulties you've described. I was unhappy to hear about your experience and I regret any inconvenience to you.


With apologies, this Community is intended for our U.S. customers. Please contact Best Buy Canada for further assistance with your concerns.


Thank you for writing to us.

John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Bought a brand new MacBook Pro and got a refurbished one instead

I'm not sure what the conversion rate is, but in the u.s. you can get a printer for around $30. Might be easier just to buy a printer.