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Beware the Free Bundling ....

I purchased a laptop 11 days ago.I missed the Free WEBROOT for 6 months offer a $29.99 value.


It shows up in the description in the Cart as a Free 6 months.  Didnt think anything about this until i started receiving emails about downloading and activating the software, I had no interest in using this software so I did not download it but then I got to thinking that this was a sham and that it probably had some autrenewal when the 6 months expired.  Well i was exactly right so I contacted Best Buy and requested they Cacel the Free WEBROOT and cancel any auto renewal. 


Well here is the text from the Best Buy Media Specialist:



Private Messages


Good morning, Don.

I can understand you wanting to cancel the subscription in which was part of your laptop purchase.  Since the Webroot is part of the bundle purchased and was free, if I were to cancel it, you would then be charged for the Webroot.


Allison S.

Social Media Specialist

Best Buy Corporate 


Can you beleive this?  Its a free download? However, if I cancel it within the 14 day cancelation window they want to charge me for the software??? Charge me for canceled software that i never downloaded that was FREE? So what would the Charge be for Free Software.


So they attach a free product and then I dont want it and ask them to cancel it (because they are really hoping I will miss this and they will start an auto renewal for it in 6 months) they are going to charge me for the product to cancel? I still cant get my head around this. Theh request to cancel was just 11 days after buying the laptop?  


Underhanded? Scheming? Maniplative? untehical?   You can decide but I find it unbelievable the methods theat Best Buy will deploy to get a few more bucks out of a customer.... BEWARE, Your next.


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Re: Beware the Free Bundling ....

You can remove the item from the cart before buying it. The item page clearly has a remove button. I did that with my recent purchase of an ASUS Laptop. I also do this with all the freebies that are offered on the checkout page added to my cart. 

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Re: Beware the Free Bundling ....

Yes you can, My laptop crashed and it was saturday night and I was tired but need a new one ASAP since it is used for business, So I missed the "Remove".  I Would say I would prefer to check a box to accept a "Free" anything reather than have it checked autmatically.


However, the issue here is CANCELATION of a product abd in this case a product that is stated as being FREE. There is nothing on the sales page indicationg that this is a AUTORENEWAL Freebie or Cancelation procedure.

There is the customary  TERMS and CONDITIONS wher buried in page after page ( I am not kidding)  as a subset of terms and conditions it cross references  teh "USER AGRREMENT" whuucih when you click on that opens up 4 pages of additional conditions.   Obfuscated?  I think so and anyone not believeing should down load teh BEST BUY  TERMS and CONDITIONS and its linnkked sub conditions and read it in its entirety.


So the Web Specialisr states it can bot be cancelled ...... However here are the relevant terms on subcription cancelation from their literature.


PLEASE note the BOLD text:


3a. Auto-renewing Subscriptions. After the initial subscription period that you may have paid for at the original time of sale, if you’ve selected a monthly or yearly subscription, (i) the subscription will continue indefinitely on a monthly or yearly basis, as applicable, until it is cancelled; and (ii) you authorize us to charge your debit or credit card at the beginning of each monthly or yearly billing period, as applicable, for the then-current price for the subscription, subject to us giving notice to you of any price changes. If you purchased a yearly subscription, we will send you a reminder that your credit or debit card will be charged at the start of the upcoming yearly billing period unless the subscription is cancelled. For clarity, the initial subscription period could be for a different duration than the monthly or yearly subscription periods that follow.


3b. Free or Discounted Trial Periods. You may have started a subscription via a free or discounted trial, which you consented to at the time of purchase. If this is the case, at the end of the trial period that is specified on your receipt and/or confirmation email, your designated debit or credit card will be charged the then-current price and your subscription will become an automatically renewing monthly or yearly subscription (subject to the terms of Section 3(a) above) unless you cancel prior to the end of the trial period.




Yes it say unless you cancel prior to the end of the trial period.  That is what I have been trying to do.  So please share with us all the relevant BEST BUY  Terms and Conditions. that supprot the inabilty of BEST BUY to CANCEL the FREE SOftWARE at ant time.


The ABSURDITY is that an actually trying  to Cancel is responded to by stating if you cancel your FREE product that you then have to pay for it......