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Bestbuy warehouse shipped missing item

I dont know it happened to anybody yet, but i shopped at bestbuy for a very long time until now it happened to me.

So here is the story: on november 09,2020 i purchased a camera sony a7c(which is expensive) and a tameron lense on the bestbuy website. When i purchased the 2 items, they are all in-stock and i will get the item next week which is the nov 16, 2020. But after couple day checking the order status, the sony camera is getting "delayed" and out of stock on the website. Hence, i have to wait for another week. So the day "out for delivery" finally came which is the monday november 23, and finally i got my package. However, after unbox the package and i see only the tameron lens without the camera. I jumped on my computer real quick to check if they are shipped 2 different packages but god no.

Bestbuy shipped 2 items inside same package. I check the size of the shipping box  and there is no hole or damage whatsoever to the shipping box. However, it is not big and it is only fitted the tamaron lens box with some airbubble thing. So idk if the shipper forgot to put the camera in there!!

I contacted the customer support to tell them my situation and they opened "a case" and tell me to wait but i havent hear anything back from then.
I also went to the bestbuy store to return the lens because there is no point using it without the camera and also explained to them but they told me to contact Fedex to look for my item. So i called Fedex and they searched for my item but didnot found anything. I am super frastrating during the past couple days because this situation never happened to me and i know the item is expensive because i bought it with my saving money as a student. So i really dont know what to do right know!

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Re: Bestbuy warehouse shipped missing item

Hello, jcberry,


We appreciate you reaching out to us about your missing order. A nice camera is a super exciting purchase to make, and I can absolutely understand your concern that it may not have been packed into your order. I'm happy to take a look into this, as well as the case you have opened, to see what I can do to help. Please send us a private message with your full name, email, and phone number and I can get started.





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