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Bestbuy shipped my $1000 items with no signature confirmation and I never got them

I ordered a CPU chip and Mobo that totaled 980.00. I took off work 2 separate times only to have my delivery delayed each time by fedex. I wasnt able to take off work again and I received notification that if was delivered. I went home and nothing was outside. I called Fedex and I was floored when they informed me that my order wasn't sent with signature confirmation of delivery. I couldn't and still can't believe that sent my items valued at almost 1k with no signature confirmation. Bestbuy told me they will investigate and a few days later they emailed me telling me they won't refund me and work with local law enforcement. What do they expect local law enforcement to do? I went to them and they told me all they could do is file a police report. I called FedEx and they tell me to contact bestbuy. They say it was delivery to my house and that's all they need to do. They aren't responsible if it was left outside and someone took the package because bestbuy didn't require signature confirmation. They told me signature confirmation is up to bestbuy. I disputed it with my credit card (bestbuy citi) card and they ruled against me saying it was delivered to my house. It apparently doesn't matter to anyone that I physically never received these items and bestbuy allowed these expensive items to ship without signature confirmation. Now I'm expected to pay for these items that I never received. Bestbuy blames fedex and law enforcement while fedex blames bestbuy. This is terrible customer service.
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Re: Bestbuy shipped my $1000 items with no signature confirmation and I never got them

Hello, ksk11214,


Thank you for reaching out to us on the Best Buy Forums.


I had an $1,100 3D printer stolen from my porch last year, I absolutely understand your frustration here. In my case I was able to file a report with local law enforcement, and my homeowners insurance covered the loss for me. I would be happy to take a deeper look into this for you, and see if I am able to provide any additional assistance here. Can you send a Private Message with the information below so that I can look up your order and My Best Buy account? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button the the right of my signature below!



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Re: Bestbuy shipped my $1000 items with no signature confirmation and I never got them

I just don't understand how they don't require signature confirmation for this yet I've ordered less expensive things in the past and that's required a signature. I feel I'm stuck in between of BestBuy and Fedex each side blames the other. My wife was home that day and no one even rang our bell like it was claimed to us by fedex.