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Bestbuy charged me restocking fee for defective and wrong item sent by them.

I ordered a phone online a week ago and it was an open-box excellent condition phone and when I received it it had a few minor scratches but the phone kept restarting randomly. So I thought there was a problem with the phone so I took it to nearest bestbuy on the day I got my phone to return it. And the customer service employee examined my phone and she said that the phone does not match the IMEI number on the box and she said that I had to return it online. She said that I would not be charged a restocking fee in this condition. So I returned it online that day and it has been a week and I got a refund today. But they charged me with a restocking fee. Is there a way for me to get a full refund back? Should I talk to bestbuy customer service tomorrow?

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Re: Bestbuy charged me restocking fee for defective and wrong item sent by them.

Hmmmm Don't know what to say to that one. An activatable device is an activatable device regardless which is subject to a restocking fee per the return and exchange policy here:


I don't see anything in the special exclusions section about open box items which would imply that Best Buy is following the exact return policy on their website. 


The only way it would not be charged a restocking fee is if you were a Total Tech member or you live in certain states outlined in the return policy. 

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