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BestBuy sent wrong phone, customer service lacking

I ordered a silver iPhone XS, and ended up getting a grey iPhone XS in a silver box that was opened and had 64xs written on the side of it.

The boxes serial number doesn’t match the phone, and after calling I was told I’d have to wait for a “team” to get back to me. I’ve called twice, and the second guy basically told me, “it is what it is you have to wait.” A friend recommended checking the warranty for whatever phone they sent me on Apple’s website and it said it expires in 1 month. What’s even scarier is I asked to have my phone activated and the phone I received is not, so now I’m wondering who may potentially have an activated phone with my number.

I didn’t order this phone off of some back alley website, I ordered it from Bestbuy. The fact that I received some weird phone in a different package and now am expected to wait on them is ridiculous. It makes me question if I should ever do large purchases with such a company that is not quick to rectify mistakes they’ve made.

I hope to hear sooner, and receive the purchase I asked for instead of whatever this is.
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Re: BestBuy sent wrong phone, customer service lacking

Good morning, Amp1,


Thank you for connecting with us through our Support Forums.  I apologize for the delay in our response, as we’ve become a bit backlogged on our forums over the past few days, and it’s taking us a bit longer to reply to our customers than we’d usually expect.  


Using the information you’ve provided upon joining our forums, I see you were able to connect with our phone support teams to resolve this issue.  If this isn’t the case, or if you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to visit our Support Forums again.


Thank you,

SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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