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Greetings to whom it may concern,


I placed an online order for a PS4 game (Nelke and The Legendary Alchemests: on September 23rd and received a package on the 25th. The outer mailing package had a weird dent in one spot on both sides, and the game case itself had the same dent on the same spot on both sides. I thought nothing of it, maybe it was just case damage. I stored it since I didn't have time to play at that moment.


Fast forward to today, when I had some free time to start a new game, I decided to open up this game and start it up. Looking closely at the disc however, it seems that whatever punctured the mailing package and dented the game case also dented the game disc itself. The disc was warped in the same spot where the game case was punctured. I tried to play it,but got a read error.


Looking to see if I can get a replacement shipped to me. It still shows as In Stock online. None of the stores near me have it in stock right now ( they all show ready for pickup next week). I have pictures of the disc and case, but can't see where to upload then.

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Re: order was damaged

Hi, Kashley,


Thanks for connecting here on the Best Buy Forums again. I hope you’ve been doing well since you last reached out!


I game quite a bit, so I would need a working copy of my latest purchase as well. The quickest way to get this taken care of would be to visit your local store within the window outlined in our Return & Exchange Promise to see about exchanging the game.


I’d be happy to look into what other options may be available here if you’d like. To do so, please click on the blue button in my signature below to send me a private message. Be sure to include your full name, email, phone number, and order number there so I can take a look.



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