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On 11/29/2020 I ordered a camera and used 4 best buy gift cards plus my best buy credit card.  It took all 4 gift cards and processed the order.  Later we recieved an email saying that the order failed.  It showed one of the cards failed authorization. 


11/29: I called the best buy support number and talked to Lynn - she said that one of the cards failed because I can't use 4 cards on this order.  However the failed card was cashed by best buy in this transaction.  She said that the failed gift card would be reset to the original amount and I can add the balance onto my best buy credit card.  She said I had to give her the card info which I did.  (This took 28 minutes.)


11/29:  I checked on the order online - it showed failed again, I went online and entered my CC info and it completed the order. 


12/2:  My wife went to best buy to use the remaining gift card, it failed.  She talked with manager of the store to explain the situation.  He said that he had never heard that you couldn't use all the gift cards on an order.  He said that he was sorry but he couldn't help and that "we were screwed." (This took approx 45 mins)


12/2:  I called the support line again and spoke to Monica to explain the situation.  She said that the gift card could not be reset, but that they could send us a new card, but since the gift card was in my wifes name that she had to call to get a new one. She said that she captured the information and that it shouldn't take long for the next call. (This took 59 minutes)


12/2: my wife called the support line,  they had no info about the previous calls, so she explained the situation again. The person on the phone said that they would send her an email with info on the new gift card by 3pm that day.  She never recieved an email.  (This took approx 57 mins)


12/3:  My wife called again today..talked to "Aurthur".  Again she had to explain the situation.  He agreed to credit back the credit card and again said we would recieve an email.  (This took 52 mins).  We are still waiting on this. 


We have spend at least 241 minutes / 4+ hours so far - pretty ridiculous & not a good use of our time.

I see from the forum that it is happening to other people.  Is Best Buy doing this purpously to get the money and expect people to give up? 

Is there someone that can actually help us? 


I think it is time for us to stop buying from best buy and cancel my BestBuy credit card.


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Re: cashing gift cards and then not crediting to purchase

This is from best buys website. Not sure why I they said max 4.

Redeem up to 15 gift cards per transaction in store and 10 gift cards per transaction at To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Best Buy limits the maximum value of each gift card to $500 with a total daily limit of card values, per person, of $2,000 or less.
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Re: cashing gift cards and then not crediting to purchase


It didn't make sense to me either, but that is what the initial support person told me.  

This is still not resolved. I checked my balance for the card and it is still 0. 
Despite multiple support associates saying that we would receive an email and/or phone call we have not received either. 


I did get a response from the forum @Meg-BBY that they will send to the grift card team to look into, but no response for 3 days. 


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Re: cashing gift cards and then not crediting to purchase

Hi, jjmc!


Thanks for posting a followup on this. I've sent you a private message with an update to your gift card situation, so please check your inbox for further assistance. You'll be able to read my message by clicking on the orange envelope in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If you’re accessing our site on a mobile device, you may need to switch to “Full” or “Desktop” view before this button is visible to you.


Happy to help,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: cashing gift cards and then not crediting to purchase


@Allison-BBY resolved my issue and the gift card balance was restored. 

I appreciate Allison finally resolving this issue.