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Best buy took my money and never provided my product

I am posting this here because I have tried to address this issue both in-store and online on 5 separate occasions and have recived 4 different explinations to justify Best Buy taking my $100 payment (in an effort to keep this as short as possible, I will try to exclude the contradictory explinations provided unless it is critical to the situation) and not providing the product that I purchased. I will try to keep this as short as possible and appreciate any advice to resolve this issue.

On April 18th, I purchased a $100 Nonreloadable Visa gift card from my local grocery store, as a gift for my nephew's birthday.

Later that day, while on my way to my nephew's birthday celebration, my sister (nephew's mom called me and stated that her son would prefer a Steam gaming gift card for his birthday.

I immedietly logged into bestbuy dot com, chose the "pick up in store TODAY" and purchased the $100 gift card using the visa gift card.

As soon as the order was processed I received a message statibg that my order would not be available until Friday (despite me selecting the option to get it today).

Assuming this was a mistake, I went to the store, located the gift card and explained to the cashier that I needed this card today and cannot wait 5 days. Especially considering the product was in stock, and in my hand.

She explained that the UPC codes do not match, despite being the same card and that I would need to contact best buy online support to resolve the issue because she did not believe the store will ever get the "card with the old sku."

I went home and immedietly contacted support, and asked for either a store credit or refund so that I could purchase the card they had in stock or to move my order to a store that had the gift card I needed. Considering that my nephew's bday was that day, I even expressed that I would be willing to drive up to 30 miles away to pick up my order.

I was told by support 2 very discouraging things.
1. Because I used a Nonreloadable visa card to place my order, I could not be refunded.

2. Because the order status said my order was being processed by the store, they could not change it. I had to wait until my order status changed.

I explained that the store indicated that they were unlikely to ever have the card, yet ifbthe cancelled my order, I would lose my money.

While speaking with chat, I created another mock order and saw that the date for new steam card purchases had changed to Friday. This cooresponded to bestbuy support stating that a special order will be sent to the store, despite the store not normally carrying the card.

I attended my nephew's bday celebration gutless and promised him I would give him his gift by the end of the week. On Friday I went to the store and asked for the store manager. She indicated to me that my order was not delivered today and that she suspects that it would be received on Tuesday. I begged her to give me am alternative option. Any option. I asked her to review my account and see than I had spent nearly $6000 at best buy over a 2 year period (over 3 separate accounts, all tied to the same phone,though that is another crazy story for another time) and that I was a loyal customer and simply wanted either my product or my money. As with support, i offered to go to another store, store credit, or exchange for the Steam card they carried In store. The store manager stated that it was out of her hands and that only online support could do anything.

I was prepared to attempt to wait until Tuesday, as it seemed like my only option, when I recieved an email notification from bestbuy. The email stated that my transaction had been cancelled.

I logged into my NONRELOADABLE Visa gift card's website, hoping desperately that my money had been returned. After confirming the balance was still at 0 I contacted online support again. They stated that my order was cancelled due to insufficient funds.

Keep in mind that I made the purchase the week prior and selected the Pick Up Today option, and cinformed that the balance went from 100 to 0 when the purchase was made. I made no other purchases, and the card's ledger confirmed that. But some how, a week after I made the purchase I was accused of not having the funds.

When explaining to support that my funds could not be returned to the card since it was Nonreloadable, I would not be able to get my money back. Support explained to me that I am not charged for my purchases until I Pico them up(which completly contradicts what my visa gift card's ledger stated) and promptly sent me a link "explaining the process" which turned out to be the process for Best buy gift cards, rather than 3rd party Visa cards. After being told that my visa card was never charged (which had that actually been true, would have meant that I should have been able to purchase the Steam card that the store carried, but could not because of the 0 balance.

After nit making progress or recieving any form of empathy from Best Buy for my situation from 5 different people, I contacted Visa. They confirmed that the card was charged $100 on the day I made the purchase. They also confirmed that no other purchases were made, and that refunds could not be processed on Nonreloadable cards. Last but not least, the Visa representative stated that Best Buy was one of their 3 largest retailers that they receive calls on regarding Visa gift cards, due to how they handle their order processing and properly not accomdating refunds.

In the end, I am out of $100, have spent more than 8 hours of my personal time trying to resolve this issue, and have never received the product I paid for, despite the store carrying the exact same product with a newer sku.

Any advice from the community would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Best buy took my money and never provided my product

Hello, Desperado618,


Thanks for reaching out to us on Best Buy Forums. As someone who enjoys receiving gift cards, I understand the confusion around the word "non-reloadable". A non-reloadable gift card just means that you cannot add additional funds onto the card after it is purchased and can therefore only spend up to the limit on the initial purchase. These cards are in fact still able to receive refunds up to it's original value, as this is not considered "reloading" but rather just a reversal of funds.


It is true that Best Buy does not formally charge the card on file for the order until the item has been picked up. In the meantime, we place an authorization hold on the order in the amount due. Depending on the bank, this may reflect on your statement as a charge. If the order is picked up, this hold is released and the card is officially charged. If the order is cancelled, the hold is released and the funds will be returned to the account. It's important to note that while Best Buy releases the funds from the authorization hold on the day the order is cancelled, the banking institution can take up to one full billing cycle to return the funds to your account. I hope this clears things up for you!




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