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Best buy customer service mail id

Hi anybody have a best buy customer service mail id I want to register complaint again Sanfarncisco best buy company branch
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Re: Best buy customer service mail id

These are forums run by Best Buy Corporate. If you have an issue with a store you can post your complaint here and a BBY Mod can address it.

***Please keep in mind that I am not employed by Best Buy and are just a regular forums Super User and an everyday shopper like you. If you find my posting helpful, please add kudos to it. Remember to mark answered questions as solved if something helped you to speed up the answer queue for other customers***
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Re: Best buy customer service mail id

Hi My name is Manohar I am from India fewdays back i saw one post about one plus 9R on Facebook ..then I contact with sanfarncisco branch manager Her Name Mohhamed Hakeem ..I spoked with that person he told me product cost 20000 sir u need to pay 3000 Down payment for custom chagers taxes all then the product will be shipped and delivered with in 48hours reaming you will pay installment 7months then I said ok I paid money then he told sir your product send to courier company DHL ..then the company asked me pay 5000 insurance and again asked to pay shipping amount 3000 tracking chagers 2000 again asked to pay 5000 and again he asked to pay 2000 like this wise I paid nearly 20000 k I asked your branch Manger nearly 20000 paid with taking prodcut then he told the money be refundable sir trust me ...then k I trusted to your staff and also that delivery man now the product is hold in pakistan custom your Manger and that delivry man asking to pay pakistan custom chagers other wise your product will be damage ...first thing let me clear your manager Mohammed Hakeem did not clearly not explain about how much will chager and I how much I need to pay just he first told me sir you pay 3000 that's it ....Now your Manger telling me pakistan custom asking to pay 12300 for insurance fee asking to pay me that money I am from india why should I pay Pakistani custom chagers???
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Re: Best buy customer service mail id

Hi there, Manohar91!


Thank you for joining our online community and writing to us for support. I'd be more than happy to provide some information.


So you're aware, Best Buy conducts business through our retail store locations in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.  Each of those sales forces have their own online presence, operating under,, and In the U.S., we also maintain and http://www.Geek


There are three ways to purchase products & services from us. The first being visiting one of the sites mentioned earlier. Secondly, visiting one of our retail locations is another. Finally, US customers may call us at (888) BEST-BUY or (888) 237-8289, customers in Canada may call (866) BEST-BUY or (866) 237-82-89, and customers in Mexico can use (800) BEST-BUY or (800) 237-8289.

We do not conduct business via apps such as WhatsApp or the like. Anyone who claims to be acting on our behalf while communicating through such an app is indeed an impostor, regardless of any purported proof. Providing fake documentation such as badges, letterheads, certificates of guarantee, photos of products, etc., is a common tactic used by scammers. Best Buy is in no way affiliated with these people, so please be cautious going forward. I would recommend contacting your local authorities if any money has changed hands between you and an individual such as whom I've described.

Please feel free to ask any additional questions you may have. Stay safe out there!



Caleb H|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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