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Best Buy will not honor advertised price or match per their policy

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Best Buy Customer Service

cc: Management


The purpose of this letter is to emphatically state my displeasure with the customer support provided to Best Buy customers, and to seek a price match of what is again the advertised price that I was told was a price mistake.  Originally I had my husband submit this, but you again decided that some technicality was more important than responding to your customers. I am resubmitting myself and now you can deal directly with me.  Wendy. 


I saw a Labor Day Weekend Sale at Best Buy for the Google Pixel 6 Pro phone.  I decided to go to the Clearwater Florida Best Buy store to buy 3 phones.  On September 3rd 2022 I bought three of the Best Buy/TMobile Google Pixel 6 Pro phones as Upgrades in the Clearwater store.  The sale clearly showed the price for the phones was $399.  The sale was posted for 2-3 days.


This was Saturday 9/3/22, my salesperson was Eli. Eli was helpful and rang up the three phones.  He had to call corporate for codes to get the sale price, and the sale went through at the sale price.  I paid the Taxes on the full price with the agreement that we would pay 16.63 per month per phone.  Later that evening all three phone orders were cancelled with no explanation!  Just a cancellation email.

Order numbers: 

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I went back to the Store the next day, Eli was not there at that time so we asked for the manager.  I was helped by the mobile phone manager Daniel.  He tried checking the issue with Best Buy corporate and TMoblie support while I waited.  After that he suggested I re-purchase all three phones - at the still advertised $399 price.  He refunded the first purchase and re-ordered all three phones, I paid the taxes and signed the same agreement to pay 16.63 per month for 24 months.

Two hours later all three orders were cancelled again with no explanation. 

Order numbers:

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{removed per forum guidelines}

{removed per forum guidelines}


After receiving the second set of cancellations I went back to the Clearwater Store again.  All they could tell us is that the sale failed at activation.  We again got refund.  Daniel suggested we buy online and ship to his store.  He would then be able to activate.  Problem is by the time we went home and got online to order, price changed, even though Daniel looked it up in the store and said it sale was available until 9/5.


I called TMoblile, they had no record of this on their side, said it was for sure a Best Buy Issue.


I then called Best Buy customer service, after holding once for 20 minutes, I spoke to someone that transferred me just to hold for another 30 minutes. That person transferred me to orders to price match my cancelled orders.  They said they didn’t have that option available.  I asked for supervisor.  After quite a long conversation she claimed it was a pricing mistake and they would not honor that price.  Although I bought they 2x already and they were cancelled.  This was over 2 hours on the phone on a holiday weekend.


On September 5th, 2022, frustrated and tired of the run around, I purchased all three phones from Best Buy online for $649.  We received the phones and they are in use. 

Order numbers:

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{removed per forum guidelines}

{removed per forum guidelines}


On Wednesday September 28th,2022 I saw that Best Buy was running the same promotional sale price that we were denied multiple times just over two weeks prior.  I have screen shots of these sale advertisements, but this forum does not seem to allow attachments.  Seeing this advertised price again was very disappointing and I decided to check on price match. 


I tried again for a price match.  First through chat, was working with Daniel V. on 9/28/2022, he wouldn’t help.  I tried chat again on 9/29/2022 with Kevin L., this was disconnected and I could not get back to him.  So called customer care for price match again today 9/29/2022.  This was just about another hour on the phone.  Rodrigo was helpful and said he put in for the price match and it would process within 30 days. 


Ref:{removed per forum guidelines}>> Best Buy Update | Price Match | {removed per forum guidelines} | {removed per forum guidelines}| {removed per forum guidelines}



Thank you for choosing Best Buy.

This is in response to your Pricematch request for Google Pixel 6 Pro.

I'm sorry to inform you that we are not able to process your request, due to order already beyond 14 days return policy.

You may also refer to the link below to get more information regarding our Low Price Guarantee Policy:

We appreciate your business.  For any other concern, you may visit our Help Center at



Best Buy Customer Care 

Reference ID: {removed per forum guidelines}


As you can see above, instead of telling me on the phone, Best Buy essentially cancelled my price match on a technicality without any compensation for the frustration and trouble the company has caused me.


I would like to receive the fair and just compensation of a simple price match of an item that was sold to me two times at that price but cancelled.


The money your company has spent reprocessing the order, answering chats and phone calls, and reading this letter wouldn’t have to be spent if your system allowed for someone to fix things.  They just give customers the run around and cancel with emails which is terrible customer service.


All of the above story is confirmable in your system, both orders and chats.  I hope you record phone calls as well.  You should research this as an exercise in how not to do customer service.


Thank you,



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Re: Best Buy will not honor advertised price or match per their policy

Hello again, jemwmm!


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to share this experience with your orders with us. However,

due to our Privacy Policy, if the order is not in your name, we are not able to discuss any aspects of the order with you. I understand this may be a bit inconvenient, however, we do everything we can to keep our customer’s information safe. You are welcome to contact our Customer Care Team at (888) 237-8289 or register a forum profile under your own name to contact us on here.



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