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Best Buy sell description is not clear :((

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Frist of all, Speaking of the business relationship , I have been dealing with Best Buy for a while , I am not a new customer , and I think I bought pretty cool products from your stores as well when I was in Texas, you are always is the frist & favorite store coming up to my mind whenever I have a need to purchase electronic items or high-tech products . 


Next, it is about the Ordering , I recently moved to Wangshinton state. I am currently using Tello phone service, it is required to have an unblocked phone to be compatible with . That is why I looked for unblocked iPhones and again without any questions , I chose Best Buy to shop,  I ordered 2 pre-owned unblocked iPhones ,  my order number is :{removed per forum guidelines} & {removed per forum guidelines}, I just received both of them yesterday Match 26 2020, it was kind of supprising because I didnt expect the phones didn't come with original Apple  boxes , original Apple wall chargers and cables. which should have been mentioned clearly on sell description . WORSELY,  the main issues I had to face is with the items I ordered : 1. Rose IPhone 7  unblocked 128gb couldn't be compatible with Tello _ my current phone service company even it s labeled unblocked  .2. Black iPhone 7 unblocked 256gb after 1 night , their was no more service, and the phone kept being hot the whole time, the battery was running real fast . I was kind of disappointed with the items but I positively understand that there couldn't be ANY better with the pre-owned products.  Then, I decided to returns the phones to the store closed by my house ( Store #830 2214 S 48th St Tacoma, WA 98409 ). Because of Covid -19 I had to park outside and waiting in my car for your staff coming and help . A young lady wearing Best Buy uniform was coming toward me and what she responded to my situation was " that is what you signed for , you have to pay for it" ( she meant I have to pay for restocking fee for both of the phones ). Even I was trying to explained to her that was not my faults , that was just  because the phones doesn't work well , and I am not happy to pay for the fee that called restocking fee (these phones even was frist sold on 2016 ). Yet, She seemed like I was a bad customer who just have too much leisure to play the return game and I am not sure if she was so scared of Covid-19 problems  or she just didn't have patient enough to listen to the explanations . I just knew to say thank you to her who technically didn't try to explain to me the problems in the friendly way or tried to figure out what is the best sulotion in this case. I just drove home with the sadness of everything  Especially,  after I got home I checked again many times about WHAT I SIGNED for my purchases.... I still couldn't find any information mentioned about restocking fee on the items' sell descriptions at all , from the frist page to the check out page...I am still absolutely sure I had no awareness of signing to pay any restocking fee if I return the orders.  I did screenshot if you don't trust me, please take a lookout the attached photos below. I still find it funny of what your staff stated " you have to pay for what you signed " . I did check other phones selling websites as well, they mentioned really clear about return policy and annoy fee may apply for returning .


Summary, I definitely believe that I am not supposed to pay for the fee that was not clearly mentioned in the sell's description, especially with the products didn't work well like those . 


With all  I experienced this time with Best Buy, I am completely disappointed and I think I should change my mind about how your service is. It is not what I expect from you guys_ the store that I put all my trust on for shopping.


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Your customer.

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Re: Best Buy sell description is not clear :((

Hi there, Sansyzeng25s, 


Thank you for connecting with us regarding your purchase of a couple pre-owned unlocked iPhone 7 devices! I know how exciting these purchases must have been for you. Pre-owned items should be a great way to shop, as you get the tech you need while being able to save. 


With that said, I understand that the devices didn't arrive in a state that you anticipated. As explained in our Outlet Buying Guide, pre-owned devices may or may not include original accessories, and may not come in original packaging. I would have been surprised as well if I were unaware, and expecting them to arrive in like-new packaging with the included accessories. I also understand though that they also didn't function as you anticipated with your carrier, leading to you returning these.


Under our Return & Exchange Promise, cell phones would be subject to a $45 restocking fee. We do our best to make our customers of this policy, as we make it available to our customers on at all times. After a lackluster experience with the devices, I can understand how finding there was also a restocking fee would add to your less than ideal experience, and apologize if the associate you interacted with was less than helpful as well. 


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us, and hope the details we've shared have shed some light on your experience. If you should have any other concerns, please let us know. 


Thank you, 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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