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Best Buy price match is a joke!

Went online to get a price match for a sandisk micro sd card.  The product being sold by amazon was $19.99, bestbuy had it for @$29.99.  Same exact product, I thought since they were both (SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card).  The online agent states that the read speed on best buy sd card is 130 MB/s and one on amazon is 120 MB/s.... I said fine, there is another one on amazon with 160 MB/s read speed going for $19.99.  She now states the product has to be similar.... are you kidding me.   I get frustrated and say "thank you for wasting my time" and the agent disconnects and another agent hops on and tells me we'll take care of you..  after another 23 mins tells me the same thing.  


I'm putting in this much effort because I'm a best buy elite customer and I prefer to buy from best buy over amazon I don't want best buy to go backrupt like other brick and mortar electronics store.  I've learned my lesson, screw best buy~ no wonder the other electronics stores have gone bankrupt.  They have no common sense about how to treat their loyal customers.  I usually don't write any reviews but this one needed to be done so that I could vent!  These employees need to make better common sense decissions. 



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Re: Best Buy price match is a joke!

I'll be cancelling my best buy credit card and once I use my best buy reward certificate, it'll be the last time I ever shop at best buy.

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Re: Best Buy price match is a joke!

If the item is not exact, then it can't be price matched even the write speeds make it a different product.


Also Sandisk deals are often 1 day sale only on the Amazon site which most certainly does not make it eligible for a price match.

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Re: Best Buy price match is a joke!

FYI, the read and write speed of the amazon sandisk micro sd is faster.. I've order the amazon sandisk micro sd card and when I've added to the card to cart, amazon gave me another $5 off, effectively making the price $14.99, compared to bestbuy price of $29.99. I was will to pay bestbuy $19.99 for a more inferior product just because I wanted to support bestbuy. So, sandisk price listed ($19.99 on amazon) was not a 1 day sale. Hope they hire more agents with common sense or give them some more leeway to make common sense decisions to loyal customers.
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Re: Best Buy price match is a joke!

The price match policy requires it to be the exact same model, it is set up this way to ensure an apples for apples match.  Unfortunately the top line specs can be identical between many Sandisk products, but comparing the model/UPC will actually determine if they're the same item.  Sandisk, the manufacturer, does not consider these the same items so it seems that Best Buy is right in following the same.  Oftentimes, they will offer special rebates to retailers that are tied to a specific model.  Best Buy price matches same models, even if we sell them for a loss.  Expecting a retailer to sell a "similar" model for a loss just because it's similar is not supporting the retailer.  We can't keep our lights on and our doors open with negative profit.  If you truly wish to support Best Buy, understand that this is not a "common sense" decision but a determination as to whether Best Buy should take a loss price matching an item that is not an identical model. 

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Re: Best Buy price match is a joke!

Good afternoon, entemen,


Welcome to our community forums. I appreciate you taking the time to visit us and letting us know about your experience with our Price Match Guarantee. We strive to make it quick and easy to get the best price possible and your feedback is important so we can continue to improve this process.


 As others have mentioned, we do need to verify that the product you are trying to price match is identical. This includes features like the write speed and even the color of the product.


I'm disappointed to hear that this experience will impact your future purchasing decisions. I hope we have another opportunity to assist you again in the future. If you need help at that time, please don't hesitate to let us know.



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Re: Best Buy price match is a joke!

Best Buy is now getting Sandisk to lable the cards different with a different model number so they don't have to price match. They are the same card but Best Buy gets them to as Plus onto the name.