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Best Buy lost my ship to store order and now won’t help me

On October 19th, I ordered a 9 oz Digital Innovations ScreenDr. screen cleaner to be shipped to the Southglenn Best Buy (Store 1171) in Centennial, Colorado. The order was supposed to be ready by October 26th, however, when the 26th came, Best Buy changed the order status to "delayed" and after another week of waiting, I contacted Best Buy chat support on November 3rd. 

The agent on BB chat support stated that there had been a "warehouse" issue and promised to resolve the issue quickly and provide me with a $25 gift card as a gesture of customer appreciation and to compensate for the frustrating experience I had with this order. At the time, I thought this was very nice. However, the agent pulled a bait and switch on me as the ship to store order never came nor did he send the $25 gift card to my email. 

After another 5 days of waiting, I reached out to BB chat support yesterday and got an agent who was very unhelpful, used extremely awkward phrasing while chatting with me, and took over an hour just to cancel the original order and then forgot to help me place a new order. It seemed like this agent was based in a foreign country and had little interest in helping me. 

Here's a summary of why I am upset with Best Buy's service: 


1. My order was supposed to arrive in store by October 26th, it's now over 12 days late and no one at Best Buy has any idea where the order is. 

2. The first Best chat agent I communicated with on November 3rd lied to me and told me the order was on its way and would be there within 3 days and then never sent the $25 Best Buy gift card he offered.


3. The Best Buy chat agent yesterday was very impolite, condescending, and couldn't communicate properly. He was so incompetent at his job that ache couldn't do a simple thing like cancel the old order and help me place a new ship to store order. 


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Re: Best Buy lost my ship to store order and now won’t help me

Hello, Rohank777.


Welcome to the Best Buy Forums!


I appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding your issue. I would be reaching out to someone if I was experiencing the same thing.


I am happy to look into this for you, but first, I am going to need some more details from you. Please, send me private message by clicking the blue button next to my signature, with the order number or Customer Service PIN, your full name, phone number, and e-mail address. I look forward to hearing from you.



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