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Best Buy has stolen my money!

I ordered a gaming pc and it was shipped by UPS and marked delivered when I went to go get it, it wasn’t there I filed a claim in the middle of June and still nothing. UPS has said that the package is stolen and all they need is Best Buy to fill out the form that they sent and UPS will send me my money back. BUT FOR SOME REASON BEST BUY WILL NOT SIGN IT LEAVING ME OUT $1300 AND THEY WONT EVEN TELL ME WHY EVEN THOUGH THEY WONT BE GIVING ME BACK THE MONEY UPS WILL! THIS IS RIDICULOUS THEY KEEP ASKING ME FOR A POLICE REPORT BUT THE POLICE SAID THEY CANT SO NOTHING!!! WHAT IS A POLICE REPORT GONNA DO???? Bess buy you better fix this cause I’m sick and tired of dealing with it. I just want my money back. Please
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Re: Best Buy has stolen my money!

Hello, Mradamwhite,


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I had a package go missing last year, and it was such a frustrating experience. Any time an order is delivered, and the package goes missing, an internal investigation is performed. I would be happy to look into the status of this escalation for you! Can you send a private message with the information below so that I can look up your account? You should be able to send a Private Message by clicking the button to the right of my signature below!


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