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Best Buy has Disappointed Me

For the first time in maybe a year since its release, I have managed to see the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 available on your site. But due to a stupid setup, you designed, it wouldn't allow me to add to my cart. it said to wait till the button switched back to the add to cart option. Of course, by the time it would even do so bots no doubt bought all of them up. the fact you added such a stupid setting screwed me out of a card. A card I have been searching for since it released. I am incredibly aggravated with your site, the fact that you designed it that way to "Account for high demand" made it so no one with any hope of getting the thing will ever get them. This made it so only bots will be the ones to receive a card. Of course, what does your company care? You still get paid either way so screw the customer right?


I apologize for the vulgar language but this is ridiculous. Thousands of people are fighting for this card, and yet seemingly none of them will ever receive it and I find that infuriating.

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Re: Best Buy has Disappointed Me

Yep, it has to be the bots, it couldn't be that someone else beat you to it.
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Re: Best Buy has Disappointed Me



I think there might be some confusion there. The reason they do the countdown in the first place, is to fight the bots. There are live YouTube and Twitch streams that constantly check inventory of these cards. There are Discord groups. I'm sure many other places, so the moment one goes on sale, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people are right there with you trying to buy it. I think Jay 2 Cents from YouTube said something about EVGA cueue system having over a million people on the list, still waiting.