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Re: Best Buy Refusing Price Match with Amazon Prime

I am so sick of Best Buy excuses and constant battle with price adjustments.

Let's face it every single thing Best Buy offers on Pre-Order  be it a Game or Blu-ray  

Best Buy Price is always 5.00 to 10.00 more.

I just dont see why I should invest the time calling to get a price adjustment anymore when all 

I really have to do is just click the BUY NOW  option on


Best Buy gamer club unlocked offers 20% off to member who buy into the program for 30.00 a year.

Amazon Prime Members get this 20% off new games as part of the yearly membership. 


Best Buy offers 1% Reward Zone bucks on items purchased

Amazon offers 5% CASH back using Amazon Credit Card.


Best Buy will not offer PRICE MATCH on Pre-Order pricing.  

You have to buy it at Best Buy price then call a Blue Shirt to adjust your price only to be given

the ... hmmmmmm  let me see if it qualifies speech.


One Word :     DONE.

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Re: Best Buy Refusing Price Match with Amazon Prime

I went to a Best Buy to purchase Microsoft software; Office Home and Student, which would have been a download from Microsoft.  Amazon had a lower price than normal retail and I asked for a price match.  The sales associate said they could give me one with Amazon.  I asked to see the store manager and explained to him what the associate had told me.  He said the associate was right, Best Buy does not price match with Amazon unless it is sold and shipped by Amazon.  My reply, that I was purchasing from Amazon and assumed the key to download the software would come from Amazon.  My concern was rejected.  I was not a 'happy camper' after driving 25 miles to make the purchase. I was offered a small discount, which did not equal the amount of a price match.  I refused; I will buy from Amazon at their price, or another store even if I pay normal retail price!