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Best Buy Pay in Mobile App

I have been using Best Buy Pay in the Mobile App for a few years now to easily pay with my Best Buy Credit Card while at the store so I don't carry the card in my wallet. Today, when at the store, I no longer could locate teh Pay button in the app and when I searched for support, the website for Best Buy Pay no longer is valid


Did they remove this great feature from the app?

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Re: Best Buy Pay in Mobile App

Looks like it was removed. Reason unknown at least on my end that is. I can understand the need for contactless payments. Ever since I got an Apple Watch, I've kept all my cards at home except for one backup one in the event these payment readers malfunctions. 


Even with Wells Fargo now I wave my watch over the ATM to get cash or initiate transactions. So I wish that Best Buy would embrace this technology soon as other retailers have already done so. A very long time ago as well. 

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Re: Best Buy Pay in Mobile App

Hi there, erik162000,


We appreciate connecting with us to share this experience. We can understand wanting seamless payment options while using your Best Buy Credit Card. Although, the Best Buy Pay feature in the Mobile App is currently unavailable, we do value your input and feedback as we continue to improve on our services and processes to better serve you. Thanks for reaching out.


All the best,

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