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Best Buy Gift Card

On November 29, I bought a Best Buy gift card at Safeway in Sunnyvale.  I put $300 on the card.  The gift card was for my son for Christmas.  On the receipt it said the amount put on the card and it gave the activation/approval code number.  


This week my son tried to use the card at BestBuy and was told the card was not activated.  I went online to check the balance of the card and it said that card was not activated.  


Yesterday I called Best Buy customer service.  I waited ten minutes for my turn while listening to loud, awful music.  When the representative came onhe listened to my story, asked if he could put me on hold, did so, and the call ended.  I called back, explained what happened to the representative.  This representative put me on hold, I waited an additional ten minutes and listened to more bad music.  Then the call cut off.  I did this two more times.  Each time waiting longer.  Each time being told “how sorry they were, that they were sure we could solve this problem”.  


Today I have contacted Best Buy again.  I talked with Koushik.  I explained what has happened in my four previous calls to Best Buy.  I did tell him I have read the online reviews and that my experience is the norm.  There are many customers who have had to jump through the same hoops as I have with no success.  Now Koushik tells me that if the card had been activated then he could help me.  He suggested I call the number on the back of the gift card.  I have called both numbers on the back of the gift card at least five times each.  One number says it is no longer in order.  The second number is this revolving representative promising help.  Koushik says he cannot help me because he is general support.  He tells me he is attempting to connect to the credit card division but it’s not working and I have to do it myself.  Koushik suggests I go to the local Best Buy store.  


Safeway tells me they are not responsible because the computer shows the card was activated.  Best Buy tells me they are not responsible because the card was not activated.


I want my $300 back.  Obviously it is no longer safe to buy gift cards.  At this time I will also be cancelling my Best Buy credit card and will not be shopping with them ever in the future.  


I “spoke” with Erwin O., a representative on the “chat” feature on the website.  I explained/typed out all of what I had experienced so far.  He assured me he could help.  After a thirty minute chat, Erwin told me to call the phone number on the gift card and they could help.  I told him I had already done that five times.  They do not help.  


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Re: Best Buy Gift Card

Hi, DMKaliterna,


Thank you for joining the forums and for reaching out to us!


I hate to hear you have had no luck reaching support with this gift card issue, and I would be happy to see how I can assist. To begin, please send me a private message with your phone number and email address so I can take a look at our options here. You can send a private message to me by logging into the forums and clicking on the blue button across from my signature on this post.



Katie R|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Best Buy Gift Card

Thanks for posting your sorry and sorry to hear about your problem. I received a Bestbuy gift card from Bank of America after exchanging some Rewards points I earned through using my BofA credit card. Went to a store yesterday to use it and found out it was not activated. I called BofA customer support and it will take up to 14 days for them to investigate! Seems like only Bestbuy would have the capability to validate my card but I thought I'd try to get the bank to deal with it instead of calling the Bestbuy number on the card, listening to all the automated selection stuff and end up at a dead end as you described. If BofA ends up telling me I need to call the number on the card I'm going send them a link to this thread.