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Best Buy Credit Card Authorization Hold

PLEASE HELP!! I tried to make a purchase on with my Best Buy credit card, but when I got to the store they said their inventory was incorrect on the website and they didn’t have my order. They let me know of another location I could go to so I could get the item in person the same day. I canceled my online order and went to the second location, tried to purchase my item, and my card was declined. I contacted customer service and Citi Cards directly and both said it was denied because of the authorization hold still on my account from my online order. I had been told by 2 different people that this couldn’t be removed and I’d have to wait several business days, and I was told by 2 OTHER people that this CAN be released if I got in contact with the right people. I had one agent who was able to remove $229 worth of the hold and then our call was disconnected and I was transferred to someone else while waiting on hold. I spent several hours of my day trying to get this situation sorted out so I can purchase my item and still have had no luck at all. I am beyond frustrated and just want to make my purchaseSmiley Sad Please help!