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Best Buy Charging Me Again

I ordered an Xbox Seires X & I placed an order for one & was charged when I secured one, it took the money from my bank account so that should be that right? Just a few minutes ago I received a Declined card Transaction for the same amount but the cash was already taken from my bank so why does it want me to pay double? Please Help
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Re: Best Buy Charging Me Again

This is the normal process.  The first was the authorization, and was not a charge.  Your bank will remove it from the available balance, but this isn't a payment.  When the order is fulfilled, they do actually charge you.  You've got a window of time to correct this before your item is cancelled.


Paying for Your Order

Generally, we’ll charge your payment method for an item when we ship the item to you or confirm its availability in store. For digital items, we’ll charge your payment method when you initiate the download of the product or the product is placed in your account and available for use. For special-delivery items, we’ll charge your payment method when you confirm a delivery time. However, we will preauthorize your order amount (including for pre-orders) with your payment method at the time you place the order, which may have an effect on your available credit line. If a preauthorization of a pre-order expires before fulfillment, the preauthorization will be reversed and another preauthorization will be made closer to the confirmed availability date. 



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