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Best Buy Alternative Pick-up Location

I ordered 2 laptops from Best Buy this week. The Best Buy website defaulted to their Alternative Pick-up location because they were not available for in store pick up. These pick-up locations are UPS Access points based on this info:


It is my understanding that the UPS Access points offer a convenient alternative to at home delivery and there is no schedule of fees for pick up either on the UPS website or on the UPS store website, nor was I informed of this extra fee when placing the order on the Best Buy website. 


The attendant at the store retrieved my package and told me it would be $5 to pick it up, I pressed the issue stating that there shouldn't be an additional charge above the regular shipping fee because it was a UPS Access point. He told me they aren't UPS and they charge fees for package pick-up...I said I wasn't paying it and he stated he would just keep the package then and placed it back on the back counter. At which point I showed him the receipt for the package and shipping and told him I was going to retrieve the goods which I had bought and paid for. He stepped between myself and the package and told me he was going to call the police, which I invited him to do as I had a paid receipt for the goods and he couldn't produce anything to prove they charge those fees other than a hand written note on my box which reads "$5 pick up fee".


The woman in line behind me handed him $5 and told me Merry Christmas. I took my package and left...went straight to Best Buy where the General Manager informed me that they have a contract with Best Buy and they aren't allowed to charge for pick-ups...I then contacted the UPS Store corporate office who told me each store is independently owned and can charge whatever they want.


I contacted UPS who continually referred me to the UPS Store and Best Buy customer service was not very helpful....I know it is only $5, but what if it was $10 or $ seems they can charge whatever they want and won't release your package until you pay it...and there is no way to know in advance how much that will be until they already have your item..

$5 fee

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Re: Best Buy Alternative Pick-up Location

You don't need to pay to pickup your packages. Send an email to and report the offending store. The store that is charging may lose their franchise license to accept and ship UPS packages if this continues.

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