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Be careful with store pickup

I just wanted to share an experience and warn customers... I ordered a camera bundle last weekend for store pickup. Everything looked good to be at my local store at the time. Once I started getting e-mails I drove a few miles to pick up the package. One of the items ended up not being available, so the very helpful clerk called another local Best Buy a few miles south. It took quite a while, but they finally confirmed that my purchase was in stock. I got an email confirming the order transfer, so drove to the other Best Buy. When I got there I saw my purchase sitting on the counter. Unfortunately, this Best Buy said that the order transfer had not actually come through yet. So despite my credit card already having been charged the full amount, they wouldn't give me the lens. The store manager tried to figure it, but to no avail. Ultimately my only option was to have them change the order to ship to home. I wanted to bad to walk out of the store with my legitimately purchased item.


Now it is a week later, and I still don't have it. The lens is at other local Best Buy's. When I look on the website, it says "order for free delivery by May 20" which is earlier than my current delivery estimate. It even says "pick up in store today". What a frustrating experience. Do NOT believe the claims about getting it in store. Be ready to be disappointed if selecting this option.


In hindsight, I should have just bought the whole kit from Amazon, avoided all the driving, and gotten what I wanted the next day.


Frustrated customer.

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Re: Be careful with store pickup

Hello, Jim0031,


That is certainly not the experience we expect our customers will have when doing an in-store pickup purchase. While there may be instances where hiccups may arise, this is definitely a more peculiar situation. I'd love to look into this further and see what happened and if we can sort it all out. To do so, I simply ask that you shoot us over your full name, email address, phone number, and order number. You can do this by clicking on the private message banner located in my signature below.


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Re: Be careful with store pickup

On the Amazon purchase, I unfortunately started out just like you had wanted to do.  Mind you I am and have been a Prime member for quite some time.  I ordered a lens which they indicated as having 4 in stock, also the item was listed as being a Prime item which is eligeble for deliveryu in two days.  NOT!!!  On occasion some of their Prime deliveries may take a bit more time and I can reasonably accept that too.  Well this lens I had wanted was going to be like 5 days in delivery.  So being the patient person I would like to think I am (I really am), I went with the program. The updates on the products whereabouts were sporadically updated,  the 5th day rolls around only to have them say it will be delivered the next day or the following day.  Again, being patient (or naive whichever), I waited for the next day AND the following day.  Both times checking the tracking; well the tracking wasn't upddated in 3 days (since prior to the postponement) I decided on the last day to cancel the order with Amazon and purchase here - only to read your comment after I had placed my order.  BBY promised 2 day store pickup. Today is day one,  I was hoping if it is an item in stock that I just might be able to pick it up a day earlier. I will call the store when it opens to see if it is possible and whether or not the item is stocked in store.  Otherwise I guess I'll see them tomorrow and find out if I will have a similar experience to yours. I hope not but time will tell.  So don't put too much hope in Amazon either as you may also be dissapointed. Just my  2 cents.