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Bait and Switch Free 1 Day Delivery

I ordered something today and during checkout it asked me to pick a delivery method. I forget all the choices, but as far as I remember they were all free. I chose 'delivered today' because why not? Nowhere during checkout did Best Buy indicated the delivery would be coming from essentially an independent Uber driver type service who relies on tips to not make a slave wage, isn't offered employee benefits, and has no affiliation with Best Buy at all.

I feel like I was bait and switched, not only was I not told I'd be supporting what I think is terrible employment practice, but my 'free' delivery wasn't actually free if I don't want to be a piece of trash for not tipping my low paid delivery person.

If you're going to offer 1 day delivery, get someone on your payroll to do it or use a service like FedEx or USPS so I know those people are being taken care of by their employers.

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Re: Bait and Switch Free 1 Day Delivery

According to the delivery faqs here:


Best Buy works with multple partners to deliver items. I'm sure they do get compensated for their deliveries for customers as they contract with them.

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Re: Bait and Switch Free 1 Day Delivery

I'm replying again since a moderator deleted my previous comment.

3rd party delivery services don't pay drivers a fair wage. That applies to grub hub, uber, lyft, shipt, etc. They rely on tips to make a livable wage. They need to cover their own payroll taxes. They need to supply their own car and gas. They need to cover their own insurance and retirement.

If they don't get tips they can't live because they simply aren't paid enough. A billion dollar company like Best Buy should be able to pay employees fairly to do things for them. Offering free shipping then sending an underpaid 3rd party that expects a tip is false advertising and scummy business practice.
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Re: Bait and Switch Free 1 Day Delivery

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