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Bad customer service again and again.

Overview of what happened.


I purchased a samsung galaxy active 2 watch and couple of galaxy buds headphones few months back in october for 235 +TAX. Since the headphone were not available for pick up they were shipped and the watch was to be picked up by family members. So after few days I do receive the headphones and my family missed the deadline to pick up the watch.


Here is where the nighmare begins. The watch gets cancelled and after few days on checking card transactions I see an additional charge on my credit card unauthorized by me charged by bestbuy because I used there city branded credit crad for the purchase.So I went to the purchase history and see the items invoice have been updated and now show a diffrent price than what was initially charged.So instaed of a refund on the watch cost bestbuy had charged me more money out of nowhere. I thought it might have to do something with the purchase so I go to the stsore to return them (headphones) and get my refund. The store guy processing the refund mentiones he is only able to refund $85 for the headphone and I mention that I have been charged a total of $342 by now. So he cancels the return and mention to call 1800 and clear up .I call customer service first time and was circled between 6 agents from diffrent call centers, time to time after describing my story , kept on hold for hours and no resolution. I hang up and call after few days again by this time it is november and then again after few tries 1 agent from minnesota call center tries to help out with my issue.After checking all he says he will call back later in the evening. He calls back in the evening and confirms there is a mistake on the refund and hence store guys wont be able to process this order and instaed he will create a return shipping label to sent it to the ware house for refund processing . I get convinced and agree to sent it back and do the same on the next day UPS. So after waiting and checking tracking I see the order is received and they are in process of refunding and lo and behold after 4 days there is a refund of $85 excatly on the bestbuy webiste and on my Citi card.On checking the return summary it shows return processed at a Tenesse bestbuy store.

So I call again and this time another guy tries to fix things by checking all past notes , case summary and confirms that only $85 was refunded(called citi card services to confirm) and then creates a new case stating will get a call from refund dept in 3 business days. That never happened and I call back again last week of Novenmer and the lady over the phne same after wasting time and confirming with city card services says to wait one billing cycle for refund . As my bill was already generated I had to end up paying citi card the whole amount. I call back again after last week for aorder they cancelled on me although it was in sale for a one days sale price and after no help on that part went ahaed and asked to check on my old case status of refund. The new person on phone gathered all the case secnario confirmed no refund ever made or is in process and this time she is pushing the case to a supervisor and I will surely get my refund. God know wether it will really be happening this time. so basically there system is meant to charge you extra but no way it is able to refund the same amount charged is beyond belief. Yes there has been manuall errors involved by the person processing the refund but after receiving all items and not returning back full credit is not a 3 month resolution.

The reason I called last week was that bestbuy cancelled a instock item two separate orders , one store pickup(openbox -satisfactory) and the other to be shipped(openbox-excellent) and the sales rep was still not able to fullfill the order even after checking on there website as in stock and customer still able to place it themself. The only reason I called because the price has gone up the next day by 100 more dollars for which I had placed the order and received confirmation email the prior night. I even went to the store to confirm the open box was still in stock and my pickup was never cancelled by store.

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Re: Bad customer service again and again.

Hey there, User958349,

Thank you for taking the time to join us here on the Best Buy Forums. I'm disheartened that your joining were under these circumstances, at it sounds like there may have been some issues with the refund on your order and your recently placed orders. It is never within our intentions for a refund to not process as expected, and I'd like the opportunity to review this further on my end and assist however possible.

So that I can review this further, can you please send me a private message that includes your full name, phone number, email address, and order number? You can send a secure message by using the Private Message button below in my signature.

Best Regards,

Alyssa|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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