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Bad Sales Practice to screw Online People Over

Ordered over the weekend a home theater item sale item that I contemplated buying on Amazon at the same price. I chose to order on Best Buy . Com after going in store to listen to a lot of option in the magnolia room. After determining which product to order, I order it Sunday to ensure I get the sale price (again the same as amazon). On Monday I get the email The item i ordered is canceled due to no inventory. Today it’s “back in stock” and low and behold at full price.

Now I have to figure what new product fits my budget since ALL THE SALE PRICES ARE GONE. Literally hundreds of dollars.

How does an item (magically) get back in stock 2 days later at a higher price?

I call to get my order reinstated at the correct price of which I bought it at originally, and to Behold, “The System” does not allow that to happen and policies forbid us to honor your sale price. It’s not as if I didn’t buy the item. I bought it, and they canceled it. After the sale ended.

The practice of canceling items because they “oversold” an item past their allotted number of items is horrible. Just as the airlines overbook flights to ensure maximum sales.Inventories are managed all electronically and automatically, magically selling out on to get more back on 2 days is very shady.

What happened Best Buy? Is this how you compete with Amazon by canceling orders the day after sales? Then relist items at a non sale price?