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Bad Experience with Customer Service

I had placed an order for a laptop discounted at $599.99 (originally $699.99) on Friday (july 3)

I receieved the confirmation email for my order and was told that the item would arrive by Tuesday (july 7)

Within 24 Hours I received another email from Best Buy saying that the order I placed was cancelled by Best Buy because the item was no longer available/in stock

After checking sequential days for the same laptop I saw that the item had been restocked and was available for purchase at $699.99 (original price)

I contacted Best Buy through their Chat Services and explained the discrepancy and requested if I could purchase the laptop at the discounted price now that the item was back in stock but was told "Unfortunately no."

No explanation as to why and no other alternatives were presented to me. 


I would like to kindly ask if I can purchase the same exact laptop at the original purchase sale price of $599.99.

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Re: Bad Experience with Customer Service

Generally they get a special shipments at discounted rates from the manufacturers. When that particular inventory is gone it's gone, even if they get more in later they didnt get the discount and will cost more. The best thing yo do is wait and see if they go on sale again latet as they cant reinstate past sales.
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Re: Bad Experience with Customer Service

Hi @cyue91 


What make/model were you looking at? Since you mentioned alternatives, the Community might be able to suggest some.