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BBY Online You have and Ethics Problem

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Hello Best Buy -

I hope someone reads this and can take some action. I ordered a tv on September 21, 2021 from ONLY because the website boasted next day delivery. Otherwise I would've gone through Amazon or even Target where I get decent customer service. September 22 came and went, so I reached out on the 23rd to find out where my purchae was. My online chat was greeted by a gentleman named Michael and I asked if the television was coming or if I could cancel the order at that time. My order status online also said 'This doesn't happen often but if you do not receive your order by Wednesday September 29, come back for a full refund'. During my chat with Michael, I told him that I really needed the tv and had already been charged for the tv and he LIED and told me that the tv was actually ON the Geek Squad truck ready for delivery no later than 9:00 pm that evening. I don't know what would prompt someone to lie to a customer ... well, the tv didn't come. So I reached out on September 24 and got a gentleman named David I believe, who did NOT take any ownership, instead telling me 'I know how being a customer can be frustrating'. I did not realize that being a customer and spending my money was supposed to be a frustrating experience? I found that insulting. He also told me that I was wrong, Michael did not tell me my tv was on the Geek Squad truck. Additionally, that tv was not available locally and it had been stuck with the supplier. All of these chats are transcribed, and I have no reason to lie. I asked if I could get a refund at that time and I got a steadfast 'NO', with no help or helpful solution. I needed the tv for a breakfast function the next morning at 7:00 am, so I had to become the person I hate the most - the woman who shows up 10 minutes before closing time, and was able to pick up my tv. Interestingly, the store had more that 5 of that tv unit in stock. So now David is lying about local availability. So, now I've paid $642 for a $321 television. Now, the day before October, you all still have double my money and zero desire to help make this situation right. Being a customer of Best Buy is indeed 'frustrating'. I was told today by a supervisor named Harold {removed per forum guidelines} that they still - MORE THAN A WEEK AFTER MY NEXT DAY DELIVERY PURCHASE will not give me my money back. No help. No ownership. No empathy or apologies, but an excess of brick walls, frustration and lies. According to Harold I would now need to wait unitl October 8th for a refund. Your company has now taken my money for weeks, with no collateral, and a moving target date for when I might - might - be made whole. This is wrong. 

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Re: BBY Online You have and Ethics Problem

Hello, kelseycurrence.

Thank you for registering to join our Community Forums. Welcome!  Along with knowledge and conversation from the community, you’ll find that was are here to actively engage with our customers and be available to assist when needed.  

We appreciate the details about your experience that you’ve shared with us. Let me assure you that this is far from the type of customer service experience we wanted you to have. While it saddens us that this occurred, we want to make sure that it is rectified for you.  To do this, we ask that you supply us with your full name, phone and email so that we can verify and access your account and determine the next steps.  Would you mind sharing that privately using the blue ‘Private Message” button located near my signature at the end of this response.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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