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BBB complaint

A order was placed on 11.21 at best buy. for total of 315.89 The product was lost and since I have been fighting for a definite timeframe for refund. I was told it would be escalated and would received a call or email in 24 hours and havent received anything. I have never had to wait 30 days for a refund from a merchant. There has been no investigation on how UPS lost my package and no investigation as to why a refund take 30 days to be refund back onto the card used for a purchase. After  three supervisor and numerous agents a resolution still hasnt been given. I have been requesting this to be escalated and was advise to wait. I even called corporate number and was told to call customer again even after I explain I have called several times and get no where.A complaint has been filed with the BBB in reference to Best Buy mishandling my order and not being able to refund my money.