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Awful customer support, please help

I have talked to over 10 agents about this. I keep getting transferred from department to department and no one seems to even be trying to help, they just get rid of my call within a minute of answering.


Please tell me who can actually help me out. Where can I call that will take a look at my case without transferring the phone?




I am waiting on a refund. I attempted a purchase with a store credit, the purchase was cancelled but the money was never refunded.


Every person I have talked to keeps giving me conflicting information.  Someone said the money was gonna be there in an hour, the other said 24 hours, another one said 3 days. Well, it's been four days and my money isn't there. Now people are not giving me a timeline, they just transfer me to someone else and I am in a loop.


Some agents don't even seem to understand that this is not a physical gift card, Ii is a store credit that was sent to me via email.



Please help me out. I have been talking on the phone for three days now and I am just on hold getting transfers. One agent told me to go to the store to talk to the manager and the manager immediately told me to call back because there was nothing they could do. This is appalling. I am beyond desperate at this point, I have been a long life customer but the way I have been treated the last couple of days is very disrespectful.




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Re: Awful customer support, please help

While you are waiting for an official response to answer your question about the gift card thing, it is kind of like a gift card as it uses the same system to refund. Many in store refunds happen in that form.

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Re: Awful customer support, please help

Hello, palawhy.

We always strive for our customers to have a seamless experience. So, we understand your sentiments and are glad that you’ve reached out to us through our Community Forums for assistance with obtaining a resolution.

We’d ask that you supply us with your name, phone and email within a private message to us by selecting the blue button just to the right of my signature below. Once received, we’ll be happy to further our conversation with you and determine the best path to get this completed for you.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Wesley|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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