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Automatic Cancellation

Hi, some of my online orders have been canceled automatically for a while. I do not know why orders won't consistently deliver to my home. I have been told by customer service that I am free to shop in-store but they cannot help me with my online access. I have been shopping for a while at, then abrupty my orders have been getting canceled. Im afraid that I have been blacklisted. I know this is not much of a reason to help, but I truthfully do not know why my orders won't deliver to my home. And all I ever do is shop online, so this is very unideal for me. Would someone help?

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Re: Automatic Cancellation

Same here. and recently started for me as well. I am an Elite member with a lot of points but now i can`t even used them for online purchases. I called them and Bestbuy employees seem less excited than my 90 year old grandma to investigate the issue. All they tell me is to go to store and make a purchase ?? What`s the point of me going to store if i want items to be shipped.