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Authorization Hold

Hi I purchased a gaming laptop online on sept 10, 2019 and my card was on hold which made my balance negative. I got paid on thursday and I can't even access my money because of this authorization hold on my card. It was stated that it would take 2-3 business day to be settle but it's already been a week now. 

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Re: Authorization Hold

An hold is done when you order somthing online and is generally released when it becomes a "charge" when they ship it, unless it takes a really long time to ship then they may try and hold it again when it falls off. It has nothing to do with card access. If you purchaced somthing that exceeded your ballance or credit limit you might have to pay off the negative ballance even thou it is a "hold" because they are expecting it to eventually become a "charge" for that same dollar amount
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Re: Authorization Hold

Hi, coolglory,


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When you place an order with a debit or credit card, the funds are not collected until the order is being fulfilled (delivered/picked up). During that time, it is only an authorization that may or may not be held by the bank. If you are experiencing issues accessing your money, we would recommend contacting your financial institution for further assistance.



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Re: Authorization Hold

I have the same problem. I just ordered the ps5 and it immediately took the money out. How long will it be when I get it back??