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Apple - Pre-Owned iPhone XR, one issue after another

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Two days ago I purchased a pre-owned iPhone XR on the Bestbuy website. I picked it up yesterday, and as the associate was grabbing it I asked if we could look at the condition. He flipped the sticker up for half a second and said it was good and handed it to me and then gave me no receipt. I thought that was rude and I could return it if there were problems. So it has scratches on it which is a non-issue, but turning it on is where the trouble started. My parents just switched cell phone carriers and my dad's phone was said to be compatible but it was not I'm buying him a phone. So turning on the iPhone and while trying to set it up the wifi kept cutting out. My iPhone 13, my mom's iPhone 11, computer, and her iPad are all connecting fine. So I wasn't able to use the Move to IOS app, and I struggled to just make it through setup with the network issues. I read it might just need an update so I hooked it up to a computer with iTunes and updated it to the newest software. Well, the wireless connection keeps going in and out, and I reset the router to no avail. So then we're testing the phone call on a cellular connection and you cannot hear through the speaker that you put your ear up to, it's so quiet. Yes the volume is all the way up. When you turn it to speaker phone it is loud there but jesus. On the iPhone packaging it claims it's updated, and rigorously tested. I doubt that very much. The last gripe is it had crud all over it so they didn't even take time to clean it. After getting the phone it still said that I need to pick up the order so I canceled it. I plan on bringing it back along with the case and screen protector. Hopefully I get a full refund, this was so very disappointing. Last night I ordered an iPhone SE 2022 direct from Apple so that should take care of that. Maybe I'm venting but I feel like this avenue is a better way to communicate all those issues since there's no email option. I don't ever buy used and this was definitely a terrible experience and I won't be doing that again.

-Taylor {removed per forum guidelines}

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Re: Apple - Pre-Owned iPhone XR, one issue after another

Hey there, tvo, 


Thanks for reaching out via our community forums. I regret to hear that you had an issue with one of your orders, and I can understand how frustrating that may be. Were you able to get any help with this issue? If not, I would love to assist further. Can you please send me a private message with your full name, telephone number, email address, and order number? I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jacob W|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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