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Another Damaged Steelbook

Hello everyone,


I, like many others, have been experiencing a lot of issues lately with damaged steelbooks. The commonality between them all is packaging, or lack therefore. I ordered the Wonder Woman 4K steelbook recently and it arrived damaged. Big crease in the center like something heavy was set on top. Returned it in store and they reordered. Replacement arrived today (again, in a crappy envelope), and at first, I thought this one was okay. But nope, the steelbook spine was bent so bad that the plastic tabs inside snapped off. It doesn't even close. I had the same problem with the Alien 40th Anniversary steelbook. I ended up just ordering three at once so they'd ship in a box. Picked the best one and returned the other two.  Funny thing is, I ordered the Captain Marvel steelbook and that arrived in a box by itself (with no damage).


I'd like to have a replacement sent.  Is it possible to have it shipped in a box this time?  If a single steelbook was sent to me before in a box, I'm sure it can be done again.



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Re: Another Damaged Steelbook

Hello, Sirveaux, 


Thank you for choosing to shop for us! I know for my favorite movies I enjoy picking up the SteelBook, and having it arrive in less than stellar condition would put me off as well. I'm glad to hear you brought your copy of Wonder Woman to the store to exchange when it arrived damaged. I can imagine you were eager to receive a copy in better condition, and understand your continued dissatisfaction when yet another copy arrived damaged. I would be delighted to look further into your experience to see what options we may have for you. Please keep an eye on your inbox in the top right corner of the page for my private message. 


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