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Always have to reset my password

For some reason, whenever checking out, I have to reset my password. I had to reset 3 times trying to checkout with an RTX 3070 in my cart finally. I am not a bot. Bot's do it all right the 1st time, and don't seem to have any issue picking up what they want going by all the for sale ads in CL, ebay etc after Bestbuy sells out.  Us humans can use a little grace period or something especially when this is the only site that I seem to have issues with.  


At 1st it seemed to be a firefox thing, but now Opera is also doing it. I have removed all virus browser protections just on the rare chance I can get my card here.  Now I'm thinking I'll just order whatever from Dell, etc. and not even bother. This has been going on for months. Every time I think i have it fixed, my password does not work when I need it to. Please advise me. I'll change browsers, email, whatever, or lmk that BESTBUY is making it hard for humans to checkout and that we need a bot to help us. That I can understand, and will be very appreciated. Better than spending an hour each week with no chance. 



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Re: Always have to reset my password

Hello, jonnnn!

Thanks for posting on our forum for support with your account. I can imagine hiving to reset your password multiple times when trying to make a purchase would be frustrating. I'd like the chance to do whatever I can to help resolve this issue moving forward now!


First, I suggest checking that you're not using a VPN and you have any ad blocker turned off. If you’re logged on from your App when you’re trying to checkout on your desktop, this could in some cases cause this issue. Ensure you’re logged out of from any other devices before you try to shop online with a different device.


Here are some additional steps you can take:


  • If you’re using a saved password, try manually entering your password, instead.
  • If you’re not using a common browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc…, try using a different browser to log in.
  • If you’re using a non-English browser, please switch over to an English based browser
  • If you are using a hosting service, try logging in on an open network
  • If you’re working on a non-private Wi-Fi network such as a coffee shop, a restaurant, an airport, etc…, try using your mobile device’s data or using a private Wi-Fi network

If you're still running into password reset issues after checking all of this, please send me a private message including your full name, email, and phone number so I can look into this further. You can find the blue option to message me to the right of my name below.


All the best,

Allison|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: Always have to reset my password

Thanks. No VPN, etc.  I am having the issue with Firefox with blockers off, and with Opera that was freshly installed because firefox issues. I really wish I'd have known that only Chrome or IE was recommended. Like it should be put on bestbuys website when using an alternate browser, expecially since I have had orders go through on other browsers.  


Today while checking out at the final payment page, they asked to verify my CC for the 1st time ever, and sent a code to my phone. I went to enter in the code and before I could put it in, I was logged out, and it said I had to log back into my account that I had logged into just 2 minutes before. Then my password didnt work, and i had to reset it. The video card was apparently still in my cart, but BB wouldnt accpet my CC code. The thing is if they didnt ask to verify my credit card, it might have went through. Finally at the final buy page, and fail. Whats funny is i used that CC to purchase a $1800 desktop from bestbuy a month ago, and was never asked to confirm my CC, but when trying to buy a $500 video card, it asks for it. Extremely frustrating, and I'd say unfair to us customers. Bots have all the right browsers, credit cards, and passwords apparently. Every 2 weeks I am onliine when the madness starts, and I add to cart, and something goes wrong now. Didn't have these issues before. It needs to be asked are the anti bot measures working against the bots or just making harder on us humans so that botters end up getting whatever items they want to resell. 


I strongly feel that if an existing customer clicks on the yellow add to cart, there should be some way for them to get the item they added. It should not be jumping through hoops, and this right browser, and not the right browser unless you state those are the only browsers you will accept. I know nothing will come of this. I've been shopping at bestbuy for over 20 years. You'd think that bb would be able to see existing long term customers as opposed to newly minted accounts who only buy items they can resell.  


I know you been getting it from a lot of people, but remember those people are most likely humans as opposed to the botters that will only shop at bestbuy when there's an item they can flip for profit. Maybe instead of these steps that are hard for average humans to do as quickly as a robot, send a link with a time limit to order. Anything has got to be better adding a card with a split second to do it.. There's no reason  to add than wait for 1-20+ mins to do a 2nd add that you have a split second to click or it's sold out..Maybe send a link to the existing members account, and let them place their order instead of trying to outclick a robot. 


Bestbuy is about the only company doing anything to help with bots. It's you guys or nothing for those of us who don't use robots, and stuff.  

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Re: Always have to reset my password

Good morning, jonnn,


Welcome back to our forums.  Allison is off today, so I hope you don’t mind me stepping in and addressing your post while she’s away.


As it sounds like you’re aware, these graphics cards are in high demand, and with low quantities currently available, we’re unable to guarantee that once the item is added to your cart, completion of a sale will be possible.  This is outlined in the terms and conditions of, which you’ll find here.


I understand this has been a frustrating experience for you thus far, however, I am optimistic you’ll be able to pick up an RTX 3070 soon.



SeanM|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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