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Almost 60 days and no refund

I pre-ordered a video game September 27th of 2017. I canceled the pre-order October 13th of 2018, over a year later. I used paypal so the payment was collected instantly.


I've called bestbuy support about 5-6 times, I have 4 case IDs. I'm being told that the refund has been sent but needs to be authorized by paypal or something along those lines. I'm given a transaction ID, invoice ID, and another #.


Paypal tells me that they can't find anything with those numbers. Paypal suggests that bestbuy support has started the refund but a different department needs to authorize it.


It says "awaiting authorization" on the order status of the canceled product at


So is there anyone who can help me get this resolved? 1 (888) 237-8289 is not going to help.