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All orders immediately cancelled - "we cannot verify your information"

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For months now, any order I place on my Best Buy account goes through and is immediately cancelled (within 2-3 minutes).  Nearly 20 orders.  I thought at first this was a glitch, but I am certain someone has flagged/limited my account.


The message I receive is:


Best Buy:  Best Buy: We couldn't verify your info, so we canceled order {removed per forum guidelines}. Visit URL to verify your account info.


All my account information is fine.  Nothing has changed.  I have tried a variation of my Best Buy credit card ($12k limit with a zero balance), my debit card and a second credit card.  None of my banks are blocking any transactions.


I have reached out to Best Buy chat several times about this and have given up with their inability to give me a straight answer.  This all stems from a Best Buy order I had issues with a few months back - now I cannot place any orders (but I can walk in to a store and purchase the item using my rewards account, my Best Buy credit card or any other method of payment while using my rewards account.


None of this makes any sense other than something has been flagged or limited on my account.


I need help, otherwise I will be closing my Best Buy credit card and will take my loyal business elsewhere.

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Re: All orders immediately cancelled - "we cannot verify your information"

Hello, ShaneHD,


Thanks for reaching out about your recent order attempts. I can understand that having your orders be cancelled like this would be an unwelcome situation, especially without much information given on why.


I'd be happy to review this with you to determine what may be happening. I see that you'd also sent a private message, so I'll be responding there shortly to discuss this further with you. Please keep an eye out for my message. 




Melissa|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: All orders immediately cancelled - "we cannot verify your information"

BestBuy has decided to not allow me to place any orders online, pickup in store or anything other than purchase in person in store.  All because I am STILL battling an issue with a wrong item being sent by Best Buy months ago.  When I placed a dispute on by Best Buy Citi card, my online account for Best Buy was restricted and won't be released.  I have had a few issues in the past years of items not delivering to my address, but nothing I can't personally be accountable for.  Instead, Best Buy is punishing me, the consumer, for this.  Heck, I even tried to order an item in store to pickup from a location down the road, and the same error occurred.  They want me to be there, pay for the item in person, no holds, no other store pickups, nothing.

But they don't mind me using my ALWAYS PAID IN FULL Best Buy credit card.

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Re: All orders immediately cancelled - "we cannot verify your information"

A dispute AND items not being delivered? Sounds like it doesn't matter if it's your fault or not, your account was costing them money. In store purchases only sounds reasonable.