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Air Fryer recall

The way this Insignia air fryer recall has been handled is truly a disgrace.  First I had to pay more for virtually the same item, which had to be replaced through no fault of my own.  Then, because I actually liked the Insignia brand and wanted my replacements to be Insignias as well, they were not in stock at any local store and had to be ordered.  I had to replace two of the air fryers, and decided to upgrade one of them, but one arrived in a box that was in such poor condition I was afraid to keep it.  However, because I had waited so long for the process to complete and after numerous calls with customer service, I decided to take my chances and keep it since the warranty was still effective.  Then after I purchased the 2 new fryers, that model went on sale.  So I asked a customer service rep. if I could get a price adjustment for the new sale price and was told, "too late, the return window has expired."  I would think that Best Buy would go out of its way to try to satisfy customers during this debacle, especially since the process has taken much longer than reasonable, and my experience was that customer services passed my concerns off to the people in charge of the refunds, and vice versa.  Over the years I have been a faithful customer and am surprised and extremely disappointed by the "oh well, too bad" attitude shown during this nightmare of a process.  SHAME Best Buy!  Your customers expect and deserve much better from a company of your stature and experience!

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Re: Air Fryer recall

Hello, AFray. 


Welcome to our Forums! Here we can provide assistance with anything you may need or inquire about in great detail.  


I also have a Insignia Air Fryer that had to be recalled and understand your frustration. I would like to reach out about your experience and see if we may be able to provide additional insight into the situation that your having. If you don't mind reach out to us via private message with your full name, telephone number, email and order number, we can take a deeper dive into the issue and see what can be done. You can send us a private message via the private message button next to my name at the bottom of this post. Due to a high volume of conversations, a instant response is not guaranteed   In addition if you have any other questions, please do let us know.


Thank you,

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Re: Air Fryer recall

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