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Adding gift card to pre-order I already placed?

The other day I placed a pre-order online for Pokemon Shield.  I added a couple digital gift cards I had to the pre-order, totaling $15.  Today I found another $5 gift card I forgot I had, and wanted to add that to the pre-order too.  But when I go to the order details, there's no way to add another gift card to it.  And it's too late to place another pre-order because it won't ship for free on release day anymore.  Is there anyway for me to apply this gift card I have to this pre-order that I have already placed?

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Re: Adding gift card to pre-order I already placed?

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I game quite a bit, so pre-order titles pretty often as well, and I can imagine the excitement associated with the coming release! After the pre-order is placed, there would not be an option to add a gift card to the order. The only way you would be able to do so would be to cancel your current order and place a new one, if the option was available.



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Re: Adding gift card to pre-order I already placed?

Is there a reason why this isn't allowed? The item hasn't shipped, so we should be allowed to make changes to payment methods. 

I'm in the same position where I placed a pre-order, and paid for part of it with a reward certificate. Now I have a gift card, but am unable to pay for the remaining amount with said gift card.

So I have two options, none of which are good:

1) Cancel my pre-order and place a new order using the gift card, and thereby forego the reward certificate.

2) Make no changes, and hold on to my gift card.