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Adding a guest order to your personal account (preorders included)

Hi folks,


After spending time using the chat bots and being trasferred to 3 different people during phone support for an hour, I thought I'd make this very simple tutorial for what is probably a common problem. If like me, you were in a rush to get a hot item preordered, but realized when the checkout process completed that you weren't actually logged in to your personal Best Buy account, and your track order button in the confirmation email gives you an error, here is what you do to add that item back to your account:


Step One: Click on your profile name and Sign Out.

Step Two: Now that you're signed out, click on the Account drop down and go to Track Order.

Step Three: Plug in your Order Number from the confirmation email, your Last Name, and Phone Number.

Step Four: Hopefully you see your Guest Order (or preorder) on the screen now. If so, Sign In to your account and your Guest Order should now show up under Order Status in your personal account. (Note: You made need to refresh or give it a few seconds.)


Not sure why phone support couldn't help with this, as it was really not that complicated. Either way, I hope this helps someone keep better tabs on their orders if they mistakenly order as a guest. 

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Re: Adding a guest order to your personal account (preorders included)

Does this work also for in-store purchases? I bought a mobile in store, and at the counter they did not ask me for a phone number. As a consequence, the order does not appear on my BestBuy account as a purchase, but would love to have it there to keep track of the purchase. I got what it looks like an in-store order id, but when trying your method the system tells me it's an unknown order number (the format on the receipt is is XXXX XXX XXXX where the first four numbers are the store id).

Thanks for the help!