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A very bad buying experience

A couple of weeks ago, my wife bought a Surface Pro X laptop from When it arrives, she quickly found out some of the tools ()such as Visual studio and dropbox) she needs couldn't be installed on this laptop because of the compatibility of the CPU. There are ways to somehow bypass the problem. So she was considering returning it to avoid the troubles. Or she could also just keep it. We heard about the restocking fee with bestbuy before. So she contacted BestBuy's online chat representative first and got confirmed that she could return the laptop to a local store without a restocking fee. So she decided to return it, and we went to a local bestbuy (in Dedham, MA) on the same day we received the package.


The return process was smooth. The staff didn't ask anything. But at the end, when the receipt was printed, my wife noticed that it was not a full refund, a $45 restocking fee was still charged. So she asked the staff why there's a restocking fee that was not refunded. The staff said it's OK, the system had to charge $45 for the process, but it will automatically refund it later. And we were told again there's no restocking fee for this return.


Then we waited for about a week. The refund for the laptop already showed up on the credit card account, but nothing about the $45 restocking fee. We contacted bestbuy's online representative again. And they told us that online and local stores are two different systems, they couldn't help in the case. 


Following the suggestion from the online representative, we revisited the Dadham store again and talked to a manager. He's the worst store manager I've ever met. He basically said there's a restocking fee, and we should have known it when we placed the order. It turned out that it's mentioned in the fine print. The laptop comes with an optional data plan that we didn't choose. So bestbuy considers it as a cellphone, not a computer anymore.


We asked why the online representative confirmed that there's no restocking fee. He said, "sorry, you got the wrong information". We asked again when we returned it why your store staff told us the $45 restocking fee would be refunded later. He said, "sorry, you got the wrong information. We'll re-train our staff". But when he said "sorry", the attitude meant "it's all your fault". Maybe it's our problem that we didn't read the fine print carefully. But the point is we could keep it if we knew there's a restocking fee. If either the online representative and the local staff gave us the correct information, we may think again about whether or not to return it. Simply saying "sorry, you got the wrong information" with a rude tone isn't what we expected.


My wife was considering buying a Surface Pro 7 with an Intel chip instead. After all these, I don't think we'd like to deal with bestbuy anymore. Seems like they are not professional and they don't care about customers' experiences. 

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Re: A very bad buying experience

Hello, shengbo2k,


Welcome to our Best Buy Support forums! When buying a new computer, it is important to be able to find something that works with the programs that you need. While sometimes there are solutions to make this happen, I understand the decision to return the laptop, especially if you were assured there would be no fees to do this. 


I'd love to look into this to see what options that there may be to turn this experience around, but if your wife is the one that made the purchase of the laptop, I would need her to reach out to us directly. This is in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which only permits us to speak with the purchaser about an order. If she can send me a private message from her own account, I'd be happy to review this with her. 



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