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A pack mule would be faster

My item is enjoying a nice long winding trip to me.  A nationwide tour.


First UPS:


11/2 - Ohio

11/3 - Buffalo

11/3 - Shrewsbury, MA (about 10 miles from where I sit)

11/4, 12:21am - Ashland (a UPS warehouse facility about 1.5 miles from where I sit)

11/6, 12:27pm - transfer to the USPS.



The Ashland line is about 200 yards from where I sit.

11/8, 12:24am - arrived at Boston distribution center (26 miles east).  Apparently it takes a day and a half to get from Ashland to Boston.  50,000 people RUN from Ashland to Boston every year in the Boston Marathon in 6 hours or less.

11/8, 2:43am - arrived in Shrewsbury, MA.  Remember Shrewsbury?  My package already passed through there via UPS, and not it's back for a return visit.

11/8, 3:36am - departed Shrewsbury, hopefully headed for Hopkinton (my town). Maybe I'll get it today, more likely tomorrow.  USPS tracking says expected by Monday 11/13.  WHAT???




This package has plugged up the system for what's looking like between 8 and 11 days.


Just.... dumb.






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Re: A pack mule would be faster

Well to be honest a pack mule would still be in Ohio.


Yes sometimes the way UPS works is frustrating. 

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Re: A pack mule would be faster

Hey as400jockey,


We thank you for taking the time to both register for this forum, and for posting this. Reading the shipping history of your order does go to show how convoluted large company’s process things sometimes. Given UPS handed the package off to USPS would imply to me that UPS doesn't deliver to your address, and this seems to be the main reason for the delay. The delay in the package going from Ashland to Boston was most likely the package sitting on a train-car or truck trailer waiting for that train-car or truck trailer to fill up before sending it to Boston. I'm confident that the reason it went to Boston in the first place is that is most likely where the main USPS processing facility is for the area. With all that said, I am very sorry it has taken us this long to get you your order. Did you pay for shipping? Is there anything specific I can offer?



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