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A Question about a preorder online using a debit card?

Today I preordered Death Stranding Collector's Edition for $200, and I used my debit card which had about $347. When I checked out, the $200 was deducted from my card but it also said that my card will be charged when everything is shipped. If it deducted the money, has it been fully charged or not? I've seen conflicting answers online for this type of question so I'm completely unsure. I would rather it all be charged right now than wait, just to be safe about everything being shipped properly.

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Re: A Question about a preorder online using a debit card?

The $200 was a hold to verify funds. That will fall off in about 3-5 business days as the order itself hasn't been shipped (aka the charge will disappear and the $200 will be back in your account). Once the game is released, your card will actually charged the $200 for the shipment - usually done at 12am on release date.

When preordering online you have to be careful of that since that's how a lot of companies handle the preorders. I lost out on a great collector's edition with Amazon because I was unaware of it -_-;;.
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Re: A Question about a preorder online using a debit card?

Hello, haidarassi0615,


Thanks for joining us at the Best Buy Community forums. Congrats on getting that pre-order in. I know sometimes these collector’s edition games sell out, so it is always a good idea to pre-order early if you can.


Big thanks to geishafish for nailing the answer on this. You can find more details here. The only clarification I’d make is that you’ll see another authorization a few days before the game actually ships, in most cases.


We don’t have a way to charge you fully on that pre-order at that point, unless you cancel that order and place a new one using PayPal. PayPal pre-orders are charged in full at the time of placing the pre-order.


If you have any questions, please let me know.



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