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3 hour hold times for customer service

Yesterday, I ordered a small TV for our guest room because we have company coming today.  I intended to pick it up in store as I've done many times, but at checkout I saw that you offered free next day delivery and chose that.  I completed the order and got all the usual texts and emails.  At 11:47PM yesterday, I was notified that my order would be delayed, but not given any reason why nor was I told when I might expect it.


So I called customer service this morning.  I was on hold for 41 minutes and then opted to have someone call me back. I waited an hour and a half for a call back--which still hasn't happened. Then I called customer service again (from my husband's phone in case they tried to call mine). I was on hold for 2 hours and 39 minutes before finally speaking to someone who put me on hold for another 10 minutes. That person transferred me to someone else who had me on hold for another 17 minutes, before putting me on with a supervisor. 


I was told by the supervisor that the reason for the delay is "a known issue" with FedEx not picking up orders on time, and was told repeatedly that "it's not our fault."  I get that.  But it's not my fault either.  Your website said free next day delivery.  I thought it would save me some time today.  Wow was I wrong!  Just do something to make me feel like a valued customer instead of telling me you "can't" ( Read: WON'T) do anything.


In total, I spent 4 hours, 6 minutes and 33 seconds on the phone just trying to get some customer care.


All I got was excuses.


I would have been annoyed by, but content with, being told that we would not receive the TV before Monday IF my call been answered in a reasonable time.  But at this point I feel that your customer service call center has done more harm to your business than it's worth.  There is absolutely no excuse for hold times that long.  And, no, I still haven't received that call back I've been waiting for.


I have been a BBY stockholder since the first day I walked into one of your stores, but this is the end.  I only buy stock in companies I do business with, and Best Buy will no longer be one of those.

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Re: 3 hour hold times for customer service

Good afternoon, Yvillone,


Thank you for taking the time to join our community forums and letting us know about your experience with this order. I know when I order something I usually expect it to arrive at the estimated arrival date so I can imagine how you would feel receiving this delay notice. We do our best get to every customer as quickly as possible and I apologize that you spent so much time on the phone trying to get more information. I'm disappointed to hear that this may impact future purchases with us. I hope we can welcome you back one day and provide you the expert service we strive for every day. If you need any assistance at that time please don't hesitate to let us know, we'll be happy to help as much as we can.

AndrewB|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Re: 3 hour hold times for customer service

Just as the rest of my customer service experience went, your reply was significantly late and completely scripted. And, yes, I'm still upset with your total lack of empathy or assistance.

I have just read through countless posts on this forum. They all seem to reiterate the total lack of customer service your company provides.

As a person who has been a loyal customer and shareholder for over 20 years, I expect to have my concerns listened to and addressed. Just like every other customer you have, I want to feel as though you have actually listened with compassion and will do something to show that you value me.

You have not.

Nor have you shown any remorse to any of the other customers complaining on your forum.

Your customer service policy is antiquated. Customer care reps should NEVER read from scripts, nor should they reply to forum posts with a scripted reply.

Perhaps that is why so many of your stores have emptied and closed?

Are you even reading these?


I would like an UNSCRIPTED REPLY.

In that reply, I would like to know:

(1)...the reason that BBY thinks 4 hour phone times are acceptable to its business model.

(2)...the reason that BBY insists on scripted responses and outsourced customer service.

(3)...ANY reason that I should ever do business with your company again.

Awaiting your reply....
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Re: 3 hour hold times for customer service

I dont work or have any relation to Best Buy, and would also be a little annoyed that if my order was delayed it should just tell me when it would arrive. However if I were to answer your questions.

1. You didn't have a 4 hour phone time, you had a 41min phone time and didnt want to wait for them to call you back, then choose to wait on hold instead.

2. They outsource thier customer service to give share holders a bigger dividend, which as share holder you should be aware of. (I agree their phone service is a disaster by the way)

3. There in store service and employees have always been top notch. No need to use the phone, head over to the nearest store.

They cant make fed ex do anything, not really sure what you wanted them to do about it over the phone anyway. Other then just to get an order update, which you wouldn't have needed a supervisor for.
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Re: 3 hour hold times for customer service

I appreciate that you want to answer questions posed to Best Buy customer service reps. However, I also see that you don't read the complaints before answering.

To your first point: I DID request a call back. They just never bothered to follow through. Which is why I called again--from a different number. My time spent on the phone was indeed over 4 hours.

Second, I no longer care what the dividends may or may not be. Unlike Best BYE, I follow through on my promises. Sold all my shares July 29. Considering I bought the majority at the $19 mark, I picked a good day to be rid of them.

Third, the closest Best Buy store to me is approximately an hour away. (Used to be a whole lot more around here. Wonder where they went. Must of been that top-notch service you love so much that drove them away.) In the majority of cases, making a phone call is a much, much quicker process than is a two-hour drive.

To be fair, the employees used to be good. It was one of the things that made me such a loyal customer over the years. Maybe it's a sign of the times that they no longer are helpful and available. Just like so many other chains, the staff has had its hours cut and is now grossly overworked--and probably underpaid.

To answer your "question" about why I wanted to speak to a supervisor:
A. I was told by the first rep that my purchase was "waiting for pickup" at a store a couple of hours away. I wanted to be able to send my husband to pick it up. The rep was so completely inept that she couldn't find the next line on her script and simply kept repeating "waiting for pickup" "waiting for pickup" "waiting for pickup".

B. After having to wait for as long as I did, I WANTED AN APOLOGY. A sincere apology. Not a scripted, "I know I get upset when..."

C. I responded to the forum rep because I STILL WANT AN APOLOGY. From Best Buy. Not some lurker with too much time on his hands. And, hey look.........


Again, I appreciate your effort, but please don't reply to anyone else's post. You didn't help matters. You simply made it more obvious that Best Buy will never respond for themselves.
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Re: 3 hour hold times for customer service

Do you think that's bad? I'm currently been waiting for at least 7 hours and 40 minutes. I called earlier so I could fix the problem I've been waiting for. in total, I've been waiting for at least 9 hours. I don't know what to do but wait, man...