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2 Cancelled Orders, Still No Refunds.

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During your Black Friday Sales I got 2 orders cancelled, both payments were made for $108.24 each. My payments were made with a non US debit card so I know it takes a bit longer to the refunds to be issued.


I've been waiting patiently but I'm starting to get worried as my bank hasn't received any information (or money actually) about this refunds. I would really appreciate if you could check up on this and confirm that the refunds are being made or have been made. 

Here are the order numbers:


{removed per forum guidelines}


{removed per forum guidelines}



Thank you so much,

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Re: 2 Cancelled Orders, Still No Refunds.

Hey there, C.e.Rojas,


Welcome to our Best Buy forum community and thanks for taking the time to register for our forum to share this with us. Having an order cancel is never ideal, so it saddens me to hear that was your experience when you tried to place an order with us. That said, I know having an order cancel is even less fun when you're not seeing the funds returned to your account. 


You are correct that when you use an international form of payment, the process takes longer to see the funds returned. However, I can understand why you'd be worried when you talked to your bank and they're not seeing that the funds have been returned. That would concern me as well!


Do you know what caused your order to cancel in the first place? If you haven't already, I recommend reviewing our article International Orders, as it goes over the info you need to know being placing an order with an international payment method. 


While I wish your shopping experience had been a happier one, I'm glad you let us know that you're not seeing the funds back after the orders cancelled. I'd be happy to take a deeper look into what's going on. You may have noticed that we deleted the order numbers you shared. That's because we value your privacy, so we don't allow anything that is associated to your personal information on our public page. For me to look into this, please use the "Private Message" option in my signature to verify your full name, phone number and email address.



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