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1 hour curbside pickup?!

I’ve ordered a product for $1300, and was told that I’d be able to pick up in an hour. I’ve been sitting in a car with my kids for 2.5hours with no answers on the product. The item is in stock. I’ve called my bank (which had shorter call times than Best Buy customer service) and they’ve verified that the charge has cleared. The shortened service hours give them 1 hour until they close and I’ve been given no reassurance that I’ll actually receive the item that I’ve paid for......
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Re: 1 hour curbside pickup?!

I always recommend following the emails we send for online orders in these situations.  While 1 hour pickups are commonplace, there are sometimes delays in processing.  When an item is ready for pickup, you will get a confirmation email telling you that the item is ready.  If you have received this email, the manager of the store should be able to provide an answer as to the delay.  If you have not received the ready for pickup confirmation email, there would be no way for the team in the store to provide answers as they don't see the order until it is passed over to them as ready to pick.  Hope this helps clear up the process.

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